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windows 12 features

Windows 12 Features and Update of new Operating System 2023

The latest version of the october 2020 update available, but delivery has been suspended due to a bug.This article explains the new features and changes implemented in the latest update, as well as the known bugs caused by applying the update. Information to consider updating to the pro version Windows 12 release is summarized on 16 oct 2020

What’s new in Windows 12 Update 2020

So, has Windows 12 Update 2019 changed to Windows 12 pro version 2020 so far? Introduces new features and changes.


The biggest addition to this update is the “timeline” that allows you to track your work files, dating back to the last 30 days.

The timeline can be traced back to the web browsing history and music playlist, as well as to find the storage location and version history of work files. It may be a function that combines Apple (macOS) Time Machine and Spotlight.

If you are working with a Microsoft account, the timeline can be manipulated even if you are working on Android or another computer. However, if you are not logged in to your account, there will be no history, and you cannot track application history such as “Chrome” that does not support the timeline.

Nearby Share

The “Nearby Share” function was added as a mechanism for easily sharing files between Windows 12 PCs. Literally, find a Windows 12 PC with the “Short Distance Sharing Option” enabled at close range, and enable file transfer.

Although it can be said that it is the same function as Apple’s AirDrop, unlike AirDrop which can be connected to iOS devices, sharing with Near Share is limited to “only between PCs”

Focus Assist

Another new feature announced is “Focus Assist”, which allows you to customize the notification display from the app.

In order not to interrupt your concentration during work, you can customize notifications such as SNS, OneDrive, and emails, display notifications only from certain people, and set a timer.

Windows 12 Enhanced security features with Microsoft Edge

In addition to adding new functions, the Windows 12 2019 Update also includes improvements to the interface and enhancements to existing functions.

windows 12 iso

Among them, we will introduce the enhancement of the Web browser “Edge” and the enhancement of security functions.

Enhancement of Edge Web browser

The Microsoft Edge browser has emerged as the next-generation browser to replace IE. Although this update includes enhancements for the US only, the following additions and improvements have been made.

  • Tab mute (voice control per tab)
  • Automatic card payment information entry
  • Clean printing
  • Full screen viewing
  • EPUB book option (US only)
  • Grammar Tools

Overall, although content browsing has been enhanced, e-books are a service only in the United States, so it may not give a very different impression to Japanese users.

App can be installed on Edge with PWA support

By supporting “Progressive Web App (PWA)” advocated by Google, web applications such as Twitter can be distributed in the store and installed on the Edge.

This is to package the PWA app as “Universal Windows Platoform (UWP)”. As a result, the booming PWA apps are expected to support Edge one after another and excite the Microsoft Store.

Enhanced security functions

Particularly happy for corporate and enterprise users is the enhancement of Windows Defender as a security feature.

Specifically, the functions of “Application Guard (WDAG)” and “Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)” have been expanded to realize anti-automated file transfer and threat response within the virtual host. Another important point is that a management console with a new user interface has been added, making it easier to manage the entire system in the enterprise.

Bugs in Windows 12 Update 2020

Unfortunately, unexpected errors and bugs are with new system releases. The Update also revealed some bugs after the release.

Microsoft also introduces a method of typing the “Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B” key as a workaround in case of a black screen when starting Windows 12. This may reset the GPU driver and allow for recovery.

However, some of the problems have not been resolved at this time, and it is expected that the problems will be resolved in the next update scheduled for 2019

Determine the timing of the update

The Windows 12 Update seems to be moving toward providing a one-stop service by adding a timeline function that can be said to be the centerpiece and further strengthening the linkage with Microsoft accounts.

It can be seen from the enhancement of the next-generation browser “Edge” promoted by Microsoft, and it seems that the company has a great motivation to acquire shares including smart devices and Surface.

However, while the end of support for Windows 7 is imminent and network threats are increasing, Microsoft 10 is currently putting the most resources on Windows 10, and the latest version 2019 Update is the culmination of that.

While carefully examining the impact of the confirmed bugs, it is an essential situation to update in a timely manner.

windows 12

Functions That can be used with “Windows 12” 2023 update

By the time the latest major update of Windows 12 arrived on your computer soon . Once installed, you can play with new windows 12 features and settings such as launching apps in VR and pausing Windows Update. Let’s take a look at what we have.

windows 12 functions

1. Light theme

The default skin of Windows 12 OS has been updated to a light color “light theme”. To switch between light and dark themes, open Windows settings and go to “Personalization” → “Color” → “Select color” and select a color. The default wallpaper has also been tweaked to create a clean, bright design that matches the new color scheme.

windows 12 iso

2. Search separated from Cortana

If you type in the taskbar search box, you’ll notice that the search is disconnected from Cortana. Use the tabs ( “Apps” , “Documents” , “Web” ) at the top of the dialog to narrow down the search results as needed. Of course, Cortana is still active. Click the button on the right side of the search box or call “Cortana Sa-n” and it will respond.

3. Brightness can be changed

This is a laptop-specific feature, but the action center (shown by clicking the notification icon on the far right of the taskbar) has a slider that adjusts the brightness. Speaking of Action Center, you can now easily rearrange the tiles. You can change it by right-clicking on the tile and selecting “Edit Quick Action” or right-clicking on an empty area and selecting “Edit”

4. Login to website with face recognition

If the website you are accessing does not support face authentication, you cannot use it immediately. With Windows 12 May 2019 “Windows Hello” will help you log in over the Internet. Windows certified safe biometric authentication method. I’m sure you are all smart. This simple login has been quickly adopted on the account page of Microsoft .

5. More standard apps that can be uninstalled

Good news for those who didn’t like Windows 12. “3D Viewer”, “Calculator”, “Groove Music”, “Mail”, “Calendar”, “Movie & TV”, “Paint 3D”, “Cut Area and Sketch”, “Sticky Notes”, and “Voice Recorder” More apps that can be deleted if not needed. To uninstall the program, go to “Apps” from  Windows Settings” as usual .

6. Pause Windows Update

In Windows, you will be able to manipulate the update freely. Updates can be stopped as needed for 7 days at a time from “Update and Security” in “Windows Settings” . It is also possible to specify in “Change Active Time ” to automatically set “Active Time (Time Zone when Updates are not Installed)” This feature was introduced just before the Windows 12 2019 Update

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7. As you can see at a glance that “Notepad” is unsaved

This feature is already available for competing apps. Following this, “Notepad” now also displays an asterisk in the window title of documents that have not been saved after the change . Files are automatically saved in the cloud every few minutes, this convenient time is full of obsolete feeling, but it may be helpful to prevent closing without saving the file .

windows 12

8. Game bar improvements

Although not strictly part of the Windows 12 May 2019 Update , improvements to the Xbox gamebar ( shown by pressing Win + G ) were also released at the same time as the major update. The gaming utility includes upgraded options such as Sportify controls, easy sharing of screenshots, audio mixing between apps and games, and the ability to connect with friends .

9. Make emoticons easier

For those who often think that “emotions”are convenient for communication,” Windows 12 2019 Update makes it easier to send emoticons. It is displayed in the same dialog as the previous pictograms, and it can now be displayed on the screen with the key combination of ” Win + . (Period)”. In addition, useful symbols such as en dash (a dash equal to the width of “n”) can be used

windows 12 download

10. Keep your concentration

Windows 12 recently has a feature called “Concentrated Mode” that blocks notifications when you want to focus on something important. Starting with the Windows 12 2019 Update, when you put an application in full screen mode, it will automatically enable centralized mode at any time. Click “System ” from “Settings” , select “Centralized mode”, and set from the additional toggle switch displayed

11. Make the cursor easier to see

I don’t know how many people were particularly looking forward to this update, but it would be a nice addition for those who usually had difficulty viewing the mouse cursor. When you move from “Easy Operation” to “Cursor and Pointer” on the OS setting screen, you can change the cursor as necessary and make it colorful

12. Avoid problematic updates

With the latest version of the Windows 12 2019 Update, Windows can automatically remove problematic updates. In other words, if you know that your PC won’t start up due to the update, Windows will delete the update and try again 30 days later (when the patch is applied if you want) That’s why. This is like a change made under the water, but I just hope this is not necessary.

windows 12 download

13. Lock key security settings

Some minor tweaks have been made to Windows 12 security settings. Start the “Windows Security Center” (search on the task bar), “anti-virus and threat” from the “Setting the prevention of virus and threat” at the bottom “Managing settings” and click. Use the new “Tamper Prevention” toggle switch to block potentially malicious apps and prevent key Windows configuration options from changing.

14. Run apps on your desktop in virtual reality

Desktop application in VR! Until now, the Windows Mixed Reality environment could only be run on Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. With this update, you can now bring your favorite Windows desktop apps to the virtual reality world, so you can organize emails and read PDFs in the virtual world, which is boring. The task will be a little fun.

For More Details Check Windows 12 Installation

windows 12 iso

Windows 12 New Os Clean Installation Method Shortkeys- Update 2023

WINDOWS 12 NEW OS CLEAN INSTALLATION METHOD SHORTKEYS- UPDATE 2020: Free upgrade support to Windows 12 is possible, but you must purchase a new package for a clean install. However, there are actually methods that can be done free of charge. The method and procedure are explained.

windows 12

Free upgrade support to Windows 12 releases soon, and users around the world have been upgraded one after another, and nearly 20% of Steam users who are global gaming platforms already have Windows 10 It seems to be using. It ’s a terrible momentum.

The only free support currently supported is an upgrade , and a clean install usually requires purchasing Windows 12 package.

However! There is actually a way to clean install Windows 12 for free!

Although it is a little cumbersome, I will introduce how to assume that there are not a few people who want to build a new PC environment with Windows 12.

A clean installation will delete all data in the current environment, so make a backup beforehand.

Windows 12 free clean installation method

1. Create installation media

In Windows 12 free upgrade support, files are automatically downloaded in the order in which they are booked, and it is common to upgrade without taking any action.

However, it is impossible to perform a clean installation, so download the disk image (ISO file) distributed so that you can manually upgrade Windows 12 and create the installation media.

First, get a disk image of Windows 12 from the link below, and drop the file into a USB memory or DVD-ROM.

Select edition


↓ Select “32-bit version” or “64-bit version”
according to the environment to download

Even if the creation of the installation media is completed, a clean installation of Windows 12 will cause problems when you are asked for a product key later, so be sure to proceed to the next step.

* If you don’t know your environment, you can check it by right clicking on “Start Menu”> “Computer”> “Properties”

2. Obtain a product key

To get a Windows 12 product key for free, you must upgrade and obtain a product key.

windows 12 install

2-1. Upgrade to Windows 12

If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, a Windows icon will appear in the taskbar. Right click on it and select “Reserve free upgrade” .
The upgrade reservation to Windows 12 is now complete, and after a while the upgrade file will be downloaded automatically.

If you check Windows Update, an upgrade to Windows 12 is added to the list. Click it and follow the instructions to upgrade.

Windows Update basically notifies the taskbar, but if you can not confirm it , press ” Windows key + R key “ to launch “Run with specified file name “ and enter “wuapp” in the name field to update Windows Update Will stand up.

The time it takes to download the upgrade file depends on the person, but it may take up to an hour, so take some time.

2-2. Confirming the product key

After the upgrade is complete, use the Windows Productkey Viewer software to check the product key.

First , download “Compressed .ZIP File” from the following link .

When the download is complete, double-click the file to expand it, then double-click “winproductkey.exe” to start it.

The product key can be confirmed on the screen that appears, so make a note of it.

The product key before and after the upgrade is different, so be sure to check it after the upgrade.

windows 12 installation

3. Clean installation of Windows 12

At last, a clean installation of Windows 10 is possible.

Execute the file on the installation media created first to perform a clean installation.

When the installation wizard is displayed, follow the instructions to proceed with the installation.
This completes the clean installation.

After installation, you will be asked to enter the product key. If you enter the product key confirmed in step 2, you can use Windows 10 with confidence!

Windows 12 free clean installation method Summary

It’s a bit cumbersome to clean install Windows 12 for free (it takes time), but if you buy the package it costs around 12,000 yen, so we recommend the clean install using the method introduced this time.

As I mentioned at the beginning, be sure to save those who need a backup first!

Windows12 shortcut key additional setting method

Windows 12 shortcut key additional setting method-back trick summary-comfortable keyboard which is hard to use!Many new shortcut keys have appeared in Windows 12. However, there are many people who want to add frequently used functions as shortcut keys because of inconvenience. Explains everything from how to set additional items to notes, keys that should not be used, and tricks.

windows 12 install

Windows10 shortcut keys can actually be added!

The essence of computer operation is a shortcut! Many new shortcut keys have appeared in Windows 12.However, there are a few people who are still not satisfied.In that case, you can add a shortcut key!

Here we will introduce you how to add shortcut keys and some tricks about unexpected shortcut keys.

How to add shortcut keys

It’s easy to add it! First, open the start menu and right click on the app you want to add a shortcut to.

Click “Properties” and when the screen appears, go to the shortcut tab and enter the shortcut key you want to apply to the shortcut key field in the center of the screen!
It’s easy? This will create a new shortcut key.

However, there are some cautions, so I will introduce them together.

1. Only “Ctrl key + Alt key + any key” can be combined

The only combination that can be used to add shortcut keys is “Ctrl + Alt + any key”!
You can’t create shortcut keys that use only the Ctrl key or a combination of Windows keys.

When the shortcut key is not set, the shortcut key field of the property is displayed as “None”, but by simply entering any key here, the combination of “Ctrl key + Alt key + any key” automatically Is displayed, you do not need to enter “Ctrl + Alt + +” one by one.

2: Keys that cannot be used for shortcuts

Note that you cannot add shortcut keys using the Esc, Enter, Tab, Space, PrintScreen, Shift, or Backspace keys.

3. Keys that should not be used

Each of the “F1 to F12 keys (hereinafter function keys)” at the top of the keyboard has the role of a shortcut key.
(For example, if you press F8 while entering characters, it will be converted to half-width kana instantaneously.)

When trying to add these keys to shortcut keys, the combination of “Ctrl key + Alt key + any key” is not applied and the shortcut keys are applied by function keys alone.
If this is set, the function keys will no longer play their original role, so you should refrain from using them.

Finally, a little trick for Windows 12

Some people who use shortcut keys may say that it is too much trouble to enter several keys at the same time!

In such a case, try setting the shortcut key with one of the “-(minus)”, “+ (plus)”, “* (asterisk)”, or “/ (slash)” on the numeric keypad.

Then, like the function key in the previous step, the combination of “Ctrl key + Alt key + any key” is not applied and it is possible to set the key alone.
If this is the case, you can easily shortcut the application you want to launch with one key without entering several keys at the same time.

However, if you use these keys frequently, you should keep them.

windows 12 instlllation

How to add shortcut keys Summary

The use of shortcut keys is indispensable for more comfortable computer operations.
Many new shortcut keys have appeared in Windows 12, but it is essential to add new shortcut keys to further improve convenience. For more details Check Windows 12 Functions Windows 12

service host superfetch

Service Host Superfetch : Fix Service Host Superfetch 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10

The superfetch service allows you to speed up the execution of programs installed on the system with which you constantly work. This service marks the programs you use most often. Due to this, there is a significant acceleration in the launch and operation of programs. Indeed, thanks to the work of this service, all the necessary files are already pre-loaded! SuperFetch is a strictly intelligent service. It remembers startup files that you often work with, and remembers when and which file was launched. For example, if you worked every day for a week with a graphics editor, and on the weekend decided to play video games, then the files of the games that you launched will not be downloaded. Thus, the superfetch service allows you to achieve some acceleration in the operation of your computer, due to RAM. Of course, if you load all the programs at once, then the performance will greatly decrease.

Service Host Superfetch

If your computer is low-power and does not have large RAM, for example, only 1 GB, then this service can use flash-memory (USB-drive). It may be much slower than physical memory, but much faster than a hard drive. In order for superfetch to speed up the system due to flash-memory, you will need a flash drive connected to the computer (sometimes 4 GB is enough), then select “Speed ​​up the system” in the autorun window.

Service host SuperFetch is a kind of service, which is an application for preloading different types of programs. In other words, analyze your system for actively used utilities, after you start it, add them to your computer’s memory. This is done to speed up the loading of applications for subsequent work with them.

All SuperFetch works are out of the user’s mind. Recalling the programs that the user constantly uses, before, even before the direct launch of the application, he downloads his data in RAM, if the volume allows it. Thus, when you run the program, the calculations will start not from the beginning, but from the platform created by the service.

Based on this, we can conclude that the visibility of the tasks loaded and their actual number may differ. You may have noticed that the application you are using continues to run much faster than others with the same load. This corollary is a derivative of SuperFetch. The launch of SuperFetch took place in Windows Vista, after which the service was included in future versions. As technology develops, this solution becomes less and less relevant, so you can even stop it.

In turn, this approach is beneficial, but it takes over and extra RAM, which are probably useless programs at the moment. This way, you can decide whether or not SuperFetch is worth the resources. In general, it is recommended to stop the service in case of low consumption computers whose resources do not allow the support of the additional processes, although useful.

If you use an SSD, you can also disable this feature as it will not bring much benefit. You can also disable the PreFetch service, package wine and perform similar tasks. Currently, in modern computers, SuperFetch has lost its relevance due to its high power, because it is not necessary to download information in advance in advance, it starts pretty quickly.

Service Superfetch Setting are Located in registery

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Control -> SessionManager -> MemoryManagement -> PrefetchParameters

There are three types of necessary parameters: REG_DWORD

EnableBootTrace – enables tracing (you need to enable it only if the service is not working as it should). Tracing – To understand a specific program and to verify the correct spelling of its own, the method of step-by-step execution of programs is used with tracking of all values ​​of variables.

EnablePrefetcher – Proactive Sampling (Proactive Sampling is a feature for increasing the speed of loading and launching Windows applications.)

EnableSuperFetch – Specifies whether to enable or disable the SuperFetch service.

Four values ​​are used for the last two parameters:

3 – the function is available in all cases (both during operation and at boot)

2 – The function is available during operation, but is disabled at boot time.

1 – the function is enabled, but only for downloading

0 – the function is off;

You can disable the service using the command line with administrator rights using the command

sc config SysMain start = disabled

After restart your computer.

In simple terms, this service pre-writes all the application data necessary for work from the hard drive to RAM or flash memory. The service uses all the free memory currently available to create a working environment that allows you to run applications and frequently used programs much faster.

If you want your Windows 7 system to work much faster, then think about this service and keep it constantly on.

What SuperFetch is responsible for

The SuperFetch description says that this service “maintains and improves system performance over time.” However, the mechanism of the service is not disclosed in detail. SuperFetch is a feature that first appeared in Windows Vista. The service constantly runs in the background, analyzes the patterns of processing RAM and finds out which applications are used most often. Over time, SuperFetch marks these applications as “frequently used” and preloads them into RAM.

Thus, thanks to the work of SuperFetch, the launch of the application will be much faster, because it has already been pre-loaded into RAM.

By default, SuperFetch fills the free space of RAM with downloadable applications. As soon as the operating system needs more RAM (for example, to load an application that has not been previously loaded) SuperFetch will free up the necessary amount of RAM.

SuperFetch is the successor to the Prefetch service, which was introduced back in Windows XP. However, Prefetch did not analyze usage patterns and did not configure preloading appropriately.

Do you need SuperFetch?

In most cases, SuperFetch really benefits. If you own a modern computer with at least average specifications, the SuperFetch service will work fine and will not cause any trouble.

However, SuperFetch may cause some problems:

Since SuperFetch always runs in the background, the service itself always uses processor resources and RAM.

SuperFetch does not completely eliminate the need to load applications into RAM, but simply speeds up the process. Whenever a download occurs, your system will experience the same slowdown as if you were launching an application without SuperFetch.

System startup may be slowed down because SuperFetch preloads a large amount of data from your hard drive into RAM. If every time you start or restart your computer, your hard drive is at 100% load for several minutes, then SuperFetch may be the culprit.

The effect of using SuperFetch may not be noticeable if Windows 10 is installed on the SSD. Because the SSD is very fast, no preload is required.

SuperFetch can cause problems in games if your system has 4 gigabytes of memory or less. This problem is relevant for games that use a large amount of RAM, which constantly request and free up memory. This behavior can cause SuperFetch to constantly load and unload data.

How to Fix Service Host Superfetch 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10

There are several ways to disable the SuperFetch service, you can activate it in a similar way, using: the standard “Services” menu and the registry editor

service host superfetch  high disk

Disable SuperFetch service using the Services window

Now you should go directly to disable this feature. Like all Windows services, you can disable this feature from the menu with the same name, and turn it on.

Open the Start menu;

Select the “Control Panel” item.

Next, you should find the “Admin” card and click on it;

Find the item you want with the name SuperFetch and double-click it;

Select a start type and set it to “Off”;

Apply the changes, you may need to restart your computer.

Similarly, you can disable the PreFetch service if you need it, which is relevant to SSDs. On the contrary, by performing step 6, you can enable this feature in the system.

The following method, which is not preferred for use, but helps some users in cases with problems in the services.msc file.

Disabling SuperFetch in Registry Editor

Press the Win + R key combination;

Type regedit and press Enter;

You should follow the following path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \\ SYSTEM \\ CurrentControlSet \\ Control \\ SessionManager \\ Memory Management \\ PrefetchParameters;

Find the EnableSuperfetcher parameter, if not, then create in DWORD format with the appropriate name;

You must set the value of this variable to position 0 to deactivate SuperFetch, the number 3 is suitable for activation;

To disable the PreFetch service in the same window, select the EnablePrefetcher variable and set it to 0.

After doing these simple steps, you can erase some of the memory, but for computers with medium capacity, you will most likely see a slowdown in application load for a few seconds, which is also not critical. In other cases, when your computer is low power and cannot pull the extra service or vice versa, a powerful machine, then you will benefit from disabling the feature.

If you still have questions about “Why is SuperFetch used and how to disable the service?”, You can ask them in the comments

if (function_exists (“the_ratings”)) (the_ratings ();)? \ u003e

Sometimes you experience system performance issues. Often the reason is incorrect system settings. Among the many ways to improve the performance of Windows 10, there is one less obvious one – changing the state of the SuperFetch service.

Disable servicehost superfectch

SuperFetch description says that this service “maintains and improves system performance over time”. However, the mechanism of service is not disclosed in detail.

SuperFetch is a feature that first appeared in Windows Vista. The service is constantly running in the background, analyzing RAM processing patterns and finding out which applications are used most often. Over time, SuperFetch marks these applications as “frequently used” and preloads them into RAM.

Thus, thanks to the SuperFetch activity, the application launch will be much faster because it has already been preloaded into RAM.

By default, SuperFetch fills RAM free with downloadable applications. As soon as your operating system needs more RAM (for example, to load an application that has not been previously loaded), SuperFetch will release the required amount of RAM.

SuperFetch is the successor to the Prefetch service, which was re-introduced in Windows XP. However, Prefetch did not analyze usage patterns and did not configure preloading properly.

Use of additional software

Sometimes, to solve this problem, you need to attract auxiliary software. An example of such utilities may be. It is responsible for monitoring the load on the operating system. In a sense, it is similar to the “Dispatcher”, but it is noted that not only is it capable of stopping a specific process, but also the ability to suspend it for a period, and to restore functioning. This software can be useful as it allows you to gain little power to solve the difficulty.

Disable the swap file and fast boot

In the first case, you will be prompted to stop the swap file. But this is only done if the amount of RAM on the computer is greater than 2 gigabytes. If there is a smaller volume or equivalent, the condition may become complicated. If your computer allows you to disable the page file, follow the steps below.

First you need to find the “Computer” icon, then right-click on it. The next step is to find the “Properties” section.

In it we go to the “Advanced” department, there we need the “Performance” element, we click on the “Options” button.

In the menu that appears, go to “Advanced”, there you have to find “Virtual Memory” and click “Change”.

If necessary, remove the check mark from the page file’s automatic size selection.

Set the line “No swap file” and click on the “Set” icon, then click “Ok”.

To perform this operation, you must enter the “Control Panel”. From there, go to “Power”.

There we will need “Actions with the power button”. In it we find a line of parameters currently unavailable.

Clear the fast launch line.

Stop SuperFetch in Task Manager

Previously, you may need to turn off the service, especially in Windows 8, to disable it sequentially, you can do this as follows:

Press the Alt + Ctrl + Delete key combination or right-click the taskbar.

Go to the “Services” tab;

You should find an item called SysMain in the description should indicate SuperFetch;

Right-click an item and select “Off.”

Is it safe to disable SuperFetch?

Yes, it is safe for the system, but there is a risk of adverse reactions from this action. If your system is working properly, you should leave SuperFetch enabled. If you experience problems with hard disk loading, high memory consumption, or performance degradation observed during active RAM operations, then try disabling SuperFetch and see how the system works. If something goes wrong, you can always reactivate the service.

How to disable SuperFetch in Windows 10

Services   and select the classic application with the same name. Alternatively, you can use the Windows + R keyboard shortcut, then type services.msc   and click OK.

Scroll through the list of services and right-click on the SuperFetch service , then select “Stop.”

disable superfetch

Right-click Superfetch, select “Properties.” On the “General” tab in the “Startup type” section, select “Off” (or “Manual” if you want to start the service yourself, if necessary).

System registry

Open the Start menu, enter a regedit query,   and select the proposed command to run. Alternatively, you can use the Windows + R keyboard shortcut, then type regedit   and click OK.

Go to the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Control / Session Manager / MemoryManagement / PrefetchParameters:

On the right, you should see an EnableSuperfetch parameter . If it does not exist, then you need to create it manually: right-click on the “PrefetchParameters” folder and select New \ u003e DWORD Parameter (32 bits).

Right-click EnableSuperfetch   and select “Modify.” To disable Superfetch, set the value to “0” and click OK.

Many PC users in Task Manager often notice how Superfetch works. Why is it necessary and why is it responsible? In general, Superfetch, what is this service in Windows 10? Superfetch or SysMain is a service that is responsible for caching data in Windows 10. Activating SysMain is for those who have a regular hard drive. SSD owners do not need this service because the data speed will be so high.

Why Is Service Host Superfetch in 100% Disk Usage

Someone has one hundred, others are not 100%, but the fact is clear – Windows 10 often “slows down” and freezes just because of disk loading. This condition occurs because of some services that are used in this operating system.

Service host superfetch

There are several probable reasons for this:

The search service indexes all files on your hard disk, so you can find the files and folders you need as quickly as possible if necessary. So, during indexing, the system accesses the hard disk too actively.

Superfetch service. Allows Windows 10 to “cache” the applications you most often run in a way. And this seems to allow you to start programs faster on repeated launches. To do this, it monitors everything that is going on in the system, writes something somewhere and “shakes” the disk strongly.

Windows Defender – Defender. It is also a system service. Performs all kinds of malware scans. Usually it does not load a disk at 100%, but 30-40% easily. The verification settings are set in the scheduler.


Now he has been told about the reasons why the “Host Service” captures the power of the available computer. All kinds of exits from the excess formed were dismantled. Now, if you encounter such a problem, you know what methods exist to get rid of it. But it is worth remembering that the safest way to solve this problem is to prevent its occurrence. Update a functional antivirus in a timely manner and check if the system is threatened several times a month!

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The unit is the bottleneck in the performance of modern computers. All major hardware components have long had power potential that is “based” on disk system performance. Something like this is solved by the latest solid state drives – but sometimes they can’t even provide fast system operation.

Microsoft developers could not cope with the latest Windows algorithms and created a system that cannot rationally use the hard disk.

windows 12 lite

Windows 12 lite Linux -Based Released – Faster Than Windows 10

No ads! No update failure! ‘Windows 12 Lite’ birth With the end of support for Windows 7, Windows 10 is likely to be the dominant share of the desktop OS, but some may not like it.This time, it turned out that there is an operating system called ” Windows 12 Lite ” developed for such a person ( MSPoweruser ).

Windows 12 Lite is a Linux distribution based on Linux Lite , and features a look that looks exactly like Windows 10, including the default wallpaper for Windows 10. Released on 11 feb 2020, It seems that Reddit user hexsayeed discovered it at a local computer fair, and a photo of the Windows 12 Lite package is also posted.

windows 12 lite

What is Windows 12 Lite?

It’s Linux Lite 4.8 with the Xfce desktop environment, i.e. like the original, but enriched with wallpapers and icons in the flat design style known from Windows 10 .

However, in this case the system is not so important as the ideology behind it. A website dedicated to the project has been created , on which we can read that Linux is a guarantee of no problems with updates and no need to have anti-virus software. That, like Windows 10, offers access to known applications and even games, but is lighter and uses less hardware resources.An extensive tutorial guides you through the installation and also allows you to configure basic tools such as PlayOnLinux; Translation layer for games and software.

It is difficult to say who is behind this project, because no one has deigned to sign under it. The name of the head of the Linux Lite 4.8 project, Jerry Benzencon, appears only in the context of Linux Lite itself and its components, not the modification of Windows 12 Lite.

windows 12 lite linux

Not a sophisticated attempt to gain attention? Well, it looks like this – although it should be noted that the gnulinux community is more and more often referring to Windows recently. Even Canonical, usually very reserved, tries to strip off a piece of cake for himself. Another thing is that somehow the effects of this guerrilla campaign are not visible. And this is unlikely to change

Unknowns released discs with an operating system called Windows 12 Lite. It is not related to Microsoft, but something still connects it with Windows.Disks with the Windows 12 Lite distribution are sold on market disruptions in the UK and several other countries – these are self-made CDRs in envelopes with carelessly printed printing. The booklet attached to the disk indicates that Windows 12 Lite can be launched on a computer in parallel with Windows 7 or Windows 10. The operating system boots in 15 seconds and supports Nvidea drivers (probably, Nvidia is meant), therefore it is suitable for games. To install Windows 12 Lite, you do not need a license or activation key, the OS is free, and it can be installed on any number of computers. It is emphasized separately that it does not contain ads and viruses, does not transfer data to Microsoft, and does not interrupt work to install the update. Moreover, it supposedly runs three times faster than Windows 10. As Reddit users found out, a Linux distribution created on the basis of Lite OS with wallpapers from Windows 10 is recorded on the Windows 12 Lite disc. Most likely, Microsoft will have complaints against the developers of this OS about the name and use of wallpaper, but taking into account the fact they do not sell licenses; the punishment may not be so severe. It is possible that the discs are sold by those who are in no way connected with Windows 12 Lite, but only decided to make money on the well-known Windows brand

Windows 12-lite-linux

launch a new version of Windows based on Linux – Windows 12 Lite

Yes, Microsoft has initiated an approach to open source software that would have been unthinkable a few years ago (so much so that it has encouraged some to ask Microsoft to release the Windows 7 code ). But what seems more complicated is that, from good to first, the company founded by Bill Gates may decide to give up the technology they have been developing for decades … and launch a new version of Windows based on Linux .

But that is exactly what the creators of a GNU / Linux distribution that have been launched on the market under the name of ‘Windows 12 Lite’ intend to believe us . It is based on Linux Lite (based on Ubuntu) and equipped with a modified XFCE desktop to mimic the Windows ‘look & feel’.

It goes without saying that this product has been developed (or, rather, packaged), with its back to Microsoft. And since it violates the copyright of its brand and characteristic graphic elements (starting with its logo) , it is assumed that the life of this curious invention will be quite short.

Have you seen Windows 12? Linux skinned, claims to perfectly replace Windows 10

Microsoft has taken Windows 10 as a long-term business, and will continue to upgrade in the future. For a long time, you may never even see Windows 11, Windows 12 …

Some foreign netizens recently encountered a so-called “Windows 12” installation disc, specifically Windows 12 Lite , and the slogan is also a variety of irony and spit Windows 10:

- No unwanted update patches, no upgrade failures, and no pressure on you to buy more versions

-No virus or extortion software, natural immunity

-Dual-boot operation with Windows 7/10, free copying and editing of files

-Starts up to three times faster than Windows 10 and takes about 10 seconds

-Comes with a lot of the best software, more than 80,000 models are available in the software manager

-Perfect support for Steam / NVIDIA graphics cards, and still play games

-No authorization, no activation required, casual installation, data will not be stolen by Microsoft

-No Microsoft advertising …

windows 12 lite

After some exploration, I found the official website of Windows 12 Lite. It turned out that it was based on Linux Lite 4.8 and replaced Windows 10 wallpapers and icons.

Linux Lite 4.8 is based on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS. It was just released on January 14th, the day when Windows 7 officially retired. Its slogan and goal is to attract old Windows 7 users to transfer camp.

Differences between Windows 12 Lite 4.8 and Linux Lite 4.8

Windows 12 Lite is essentially Linux Lite, you can think so. However, they are also slightly different. I personally think that the differences are mainly the following two points:

  • Windows 12 Lite 4.8 is a Linux distribution for sale, and Linux Lite 4.8 is available for free download.
  • Windows 12 Lite 4.8 customizes some Windows 10 wallpapers and icons and guides users to set them up more like Windows 10.
  • Windows 12 Lite 4.8 (Microsoft) Windows is too obvious and publicity may be suspected of infringement.

In general, Windows 12 Lite 4.8 is not much better than Linux Lite 4.8. Individuals can completely customize it by installing themes, setting wallpapers, and adjusting styles.

How to customize a Windows theme in a Linux distribution

Linux distributions can be installed to install different themes to make the system look more beautiful, useful and beautiful. Therefore, the Linux distribution is more customized and more suitable for “toss”. You can beautify the Linux system like Mac OS, or beautify the Linux system like Windows. You can even beautify the Linux system into a personalized system that suits you.

Here is how to install Windows theme in Ubuntu system, make Ubuntu more like Windows, which is more suitable for users who like Windows theme.

This one looks more like Windows 10 than Windows Lite 12. This one uses Windows 10 Light Theme .

Write at the end

If you are a Windows 7 user and want to change to Linux in the future, you may try Windows 12 Lite, Linux Lite . If you are a Linux enthusiast and use Ubuntu or Linux Mint system and also like Windows theme, you may wish to try Windows 10 Light Theme theme to make your Linux look more like Windows desktop.

windows 12 lite

Windows 12 Lite Linux Free download ISO 64 bit

Windows 12 Lite Linux Free download ISO 64 bit: As you remember, it wasn’t accidentally released on the eve of abandoning Windows 7 support, Linux Lite 4.8 was to tempt people looking for a secure system for themselves. Someone is clearly counting on people dissatisfied with Microsoft, because here comes another variant of Linux Lite, baptized with the meaningful nickname Windows 12 Lite Linux

What is Windows 12 Lite? It’s Linux Lite 4.8 with the Xfce desktop environment, i.e. like the original, but enriched with wallpapers and icons in the flat design style known from Windows 10 .

However, in this case the system is not so important as the ideology behind it. A website dedicated to the project has been created , on which we can read that Linux is a guarantee of no problems with updates and no need to have anti-virus software. That, like Windows 10, offers access to known applications and even games, but is lighter and uses less hardware resources.

Windows 12 lite

An extensive tutorial guides you through the installation and also allows you to configure basic tools such as PlayOnLinux; Translation layer for games and software.

It is difficult to say who is behind this project, because no one has deigned to sign under it. The name of the head of the Linux Lite 4.8 project, Jerry Benzencon, appears only in the context of Linux Lite itself and its components, not the modification of Windows 12 Lite. Not a sophisticated attempt to gain attention? Well, it looks like this – although it should be noted that the gnulinux community is more and more often referring to Windows recently. Even Canonical, usually very reserved, tries to strip off a piece of cake for himself. Another thing is that somehow the effects of this guerrilla campaign are not visible. And this is unlikely to change

Windows 12 Lite is said to be superior to Windows 10

The developers website says: “All problems with the inferior operating system [Windows 10] have been solved with Windows 12 Lite 4.8. A really great operating system.” A Reddit user could also find Windows 12 Lite installation media at a local computer show. In the enclosed description of the operating system, the developers list further advantages over Microsoft Windows: No forced updates, not susceptible to viruses or malware, starts up three times faster than Windows 10, no advertising and no transmission of data to Microsoft. Basically, exactly what many Linux distributions also claim, only formulated a little more aggressively

windows 12 lite download

Windows 12 Lite could run faster than Windows 10 and be less susceptible to viruses. Microsoft will not be bothered by that either. Microsoft shouldn’t taste the use of the brand name “Windows” and the delivery of the distribution with the well-known Windows 10 desktop background. So it could be that Linux developers will soon get mail from Microsoft’s lawyers.Windows 12 Lite has the advantage of ” not upgrading when you want to work, without having bug fixes.” which makes it impossible to upgrade “- obviously speaking of Windows 10!

In addition, the document firmly asserts that there will be ” no virus or ransomware (ransomware)” because ” Windows 12 is immune from such nonsense”.

It also says that Windows 12 Lite ” is 3 times faster than Windows 10″ and ” boots in about 15 seconds”.

In addition to the accompanying documentation of poor print quality, this operating system also has a website that looks equally boring, but at least it honestly reveals that this is only a Linux Lite 4.8 LTS distro refined for the same. Windows 10.

windows 12 lite linux

Oddly enough, the aforementioned “Windows 12 Lite” DVD sells for about $ 20 – even though it’s a lot cheaper than the Windows 10 license, it’s a good idea never to spend money on it. random software of unknown origin like this, not to mention paying for using free Linux distros like Linux Lite is totally crazy.

Is Windows 12 Lite Linux a good choice?

While Windows 12 Lite certainly does not replace Windows 10, it has sparked a debate about the possibility that Linux could be a good option for those who are too frustrated with Microsoft to constantly make mistakes with Windows 10.

There are quite a lot of lightweight Linux distros, which are much faster than Windows 10 – especially on old hardware, and because the number of Linux users is much smaller than Windows, the amount of viruses and malware is obvious. Not much. And, as Windows 12 Lite shows, you can tweak Linux to have the interface and method of operation almost identical to Windows! for more windows 12 lite linux

windows 12 features

Windows 12 More Features & Incredible Funtions

Windows is indeed more than just being an operating program. And therefore Windows 12 has truly created a huge buzz at the forefront. The MS-DOS (stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System) or Windows NT come up with versions and incorporated into the digital operating environment. They are known for being the best former Microsoft Operating Systems.

window 12  download

What is New In Windows 12 –

You might be wondering what new you can expect in Windows 12. If you are one of them waiting eagerly for Windows 12 updates then you have landed at the right place. Studies say that Microsoft is genuinely putting best efforts to make VR available. It imparts it to the general public at an affordable price. Here, we have little idea of what the capabilities in Windows 12 are going to happen. Besides, if that is Window 11/12, it probably not open.

We would like to mention that lightweight Linux versions generally operate more easily in comparison to Gigabyte Windows operating system. That is why it is expected and supposed to believe three times quicker for Windows 12 Lite in comparison to Windows 10 is.Does not it sound great indeed?

Jerry Nixon who is Microsoft’s spokesperson and made a statement saying that they are releasing Windows 10 and it would be the last version of Windows. They are still working on it to make it much better in comparison to the previous one.

Windows 12 and Its Amazing Features –

In this section, we are going to mention amazing features. Here, the prominent ones are being mentioned to give you incredible hint about it. Let us check it out all about this to grab more information.

windows 12 download
  • The fact cannot be ignored that there could be other issues in Windows 10 for example Memory Management relates issues. And we all know that how Poor Pool Header problem created huge trouble indeed in Window 10. But the same will not be repeated in Windows 12. You will be having better service and experience both at the same time.
  • In Windows 12, you can also expect the facility of a video recorder too. Integrated monitor recorders facility will be there indeed. Apart from it, the next thing will be there to grab a monitor image too.
  • Windows 12 is truly loaded with amazing Compatibility Specifications and improvements that make it possible to impart an ideal platform to serve an outstanding platform for a program deficient in functionality as well as addressing issues.
  • Not only this but this is also being expected that Windows 12 probably be the fastest web traveler. You may assume that it would be Windows 10 “Side” but sill it requires way much fast browser such as Chrome. To put in simple words, if it can create a window then probably it may not construct a swift web browser indeed.
  • The Redmond giant would be there to bring VR open to the public as well as economical as well.
  • Ned home design windows will be loaded with a left-of-the-best interface layout. Moreover, you will be having many other new shortcut functions to easily access the needed documents.

What You Need To Run Windows 12 –

Have you been wondering that why do you need when it comes to run Windows 12 Lite? Here, we are going to share prominent features mentioned below such as

  • The next on the list is RAM of 1 GB or 2 GB minimum
  • Graphics card is also essential to get it to start working on it
  • Users will also need DirectX9 graphics device with support for WDDN 1.0 drivers
  • You need a 32 or 64-bit computer architecture
  • Minimum 1 GHz processor is also required to have
  • Apart from it, you also need to carry DVD-R / RW optical drive
  • To have better service, you also need 16 – 20 Gigabytes available from hard disk
  • A touch monitor is optional but you may go with it if you want to have a great experience indeed.

Windows 12 Lite – What It Is Exactly :

Have you been thinking about what Windows 12 Lite is? You do not need to get confused anymore. You will be having much information online too. But we are here making it easier for you. First, it needs to understand that it is not a part of the Windows series system and it is based on Linux Lite 4.8 of the Linus operating system indeed. It is time to have a closer look at Windows 12 Lite features –

windows 12 iso
  • You will not have to face hassles regarding any sorts of unwanted update bugs, no update failures, and no obligation to purchase a new version. You will be having an incredible experience indeed.
  • The next on the list is that it also holds the incrediblenatural immunity characteristic as well as it does not have any virus or extortion software is needed.
  • Dual-boot operations coming up with Windows7/10, editing of files, and free copying.
  • Windows 12 is three times faster in comparison toWindows 10. And it needs about 10 seconds to start only. The best thing is that it comes up with outstanding best software holding more than 80,000 models available in the software manager
  • Perfect support for Steam/NIVIDA graphics cards is also needed. It helps you to have an excellent experience indeed. You do not need to worry about it at all. You will be showered with excellent experience indeed. As of now, many have also been using to have great experience indeed.
  • Microsoft would not steal any authorization, casual installation and no activation needed.

Do not these points play a major role to add more value to it?Being a user, you will truly be having a great experience indeed. You will love it to use since it will make everything quite easier and simpler. For more update Windows 12 Features

In The Last –

Windows 12 is quite fast and quick in comparison to Windows 10. Moreover, users have been expecting that Windows applications probably work much better in Windows 12 in comparison to Windows 10.

windows 12 release date

Windows 12 Iso Release Date Update – Microsoft Concept

When Windows 12 Will Be Released?

We cannot expect our official life without a computer and operating system. Since everything is going so fast, it is quite important to go with the updated versions of everything. As we all know that Windows 12’ updated version will be there to introduce you, users are quite excited about it. Though how it would be practical, we will get to know only when it will be released and used.

Microsoft is regarded as being a highly reputed brand in the world of computers. It comes up with a variety of Operating Systems and recently it is going to release a new version of the Operating System called Microsoft Windows 12. Everyone is waiting for that when it will be released and what sort of features would be.

windows 12 release date

Are you a beginner atthe computer? Are you not aware of it? Then you might be having much information on this platform. Here, you will be learning some basic things regarding computer such as software and hardware basic and so on.  What is the first operating system launched by Microsoft in this series today?

It is time to know about the basic definition of software and Microsoft Windows 12 Release Date and Features. Here, it needs to mention that Microsoft Windows is known as “Windows”, it is a sort of operating system. If you are not aware of the Operating System is then you can get to learn from it?

Microsoft Windows is a sort of operating system with a GUI (standing for Graphical User Interface) created by a Microsoft Company. Microsoft is a quite popular company. Microsoft Windows is a very popular operating system thatis used in most computers.

The motto of its high demand is its UI standing for User Interface. It is quite a user friendly and that is why everyone can go with it easily. Talking about the feature of Microsoft Windows is providing a quite simple interface and imparting a variety of features to the user. Windows 12 is not only known being multi-tasking software but it comes with many features of Microsoft Windows.

Release Date Of Windows 12 Iso

Everyone is excited about windows 12 and it is expected to be live in December 2020. Sources are hinting that Windows 12 Release date would be on December 29, 2020. Moreover, many users have also started with the process of migrating or installing windows 12 on their laptops and computers.

Here, it needs to mention that Windows 10 is regarded as being the prominent operating system of Microsoft for the last five years indeed. Though the firm would not display indications of withdrawal of window 10 following the immediate future and rumors about going to be released Windows update, dubbed “Windows 12” have already been circling.

Windows 12 is all about being meant to transition from the current Windows OS to the new age OS. When it comes to personal computing, it is all aboutthe beginning of a new age of VR.It is said that information in respect of the upcoming Windows 12 from Microsoft will easily be based on VR. Following a brief note. Microsoft’s decision to bring VR directly into Window 10 was being expected in early January.

All About Windows 12 Iso Upadte –

If you think that Windows is just an operating program, you are wrong. Windows is indeed more than just an operating program. The MS-DOS or Windows NT is called a range of versions. It is ideally incorporated into the digital operating environment. They are called the former Microsoft operating systems.You probably are quite curious about Windows 12.

windows 12 update

Here, it needs to mention that Windows, MS Windows, or Microsoft Windows is an ideal family of operating systems for smartphones, laptops, and other sorts of electronic tools. Windows, MS Windows, or Microsoft Windows is called a family of operating systems. Here, it needs to mention that the American Microsoft Corporation develops as well as commercializes these sorts of computer machine components.

Have You Been Thinking What Is New Windows 12 –

Have you been waiting for eagerly? You have landed at the right place. Windows 12 update would be quite distinct. It is not clear still when it is supposed to be published indeed. Microsoft is trying to make VR available and that is another great thing. It imparts the best service to the public being available at reasonable prices. Though we have notidea what capabilities in Windows 12 are supposed to go to happen.

You are not the only one thinking about its features since there are many new features. The best thing is that you will be required a minimum system to kick off the Windows 12 operating system. Moreover, the design of Windows 12 will be completely different and unique from its previous operating system indeed. Here, we are going to mention that the high efficient Anti-virus will also be inbuilt to keep your system free from extreme threats. You will also be having outstanding latest features to add is called Aero Glass Transparency.

There are a wide array of exciting applications that will easily be added in Windows 12 and therefore the design has been made specifically for the operating system. You will be having a new design as well as new themes packages too. Apart from it, more shortcut features will be there to access related to files easily.

windows 12 download

Not only this but, there are a variety of expectations of fastest internet explorer by Microsoft thereafter we would be needed some other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, etc. to have fast internet. Moreover, you will also be expecting a very new function of in build screen recording by Microsoft to be added in this new version of Windows, which will never, came earlier. Apart from it, the current errors will be supposed to fix so that users could have the best experience.

In The Last –

Do not forget to update your Windows version so that you can have an amazing experience. A lot of features can be enjoyed when you go with this software indeed.

windows 10X

Windows 10X :Microsoft accidentally leaked Windows 10 future operating system: Windows Core OS

Microsoft does not seem to have given up on the idea of ​​unifying the Windows 10 experience, and is still actively testing the upcoming Windows Core OS devices. Maybe you still have questions about the existence of Windows Core OS, but now Microsoft officials have accidentally leaked new details of the unreleased operating system.

According to IT House, Windows Core OS is a streamlined version of Windows . It is Windows 10X in Surface Neo and is also used in Surface Hub 2, HoloLens. Of course, it had previously planned to support the Surface Phone “Andromeda”, but later changed, Microsoft turned to Android.

windows 10X

Unlike Windows 8, Windows Core OS is not touch-centric because it has a self-contained shell that works in all shapes. Developing Core OS is a radically different approach, with new interactions with computing devices such as desktops, laptops, dual-screen devices, Surface Hub, and Hololens.

The development of WCOS seems to be making some surprising updates to the old support documentation, which may lay the foundation for Windows 10’s modular operating system. Although Windows 10X supports Win32 applications , issues regarding support for classic Windows 10 features on Windows 10X and Windows Core OS remain.

According to foreign media Windows latest report, in the support document, Microsoft unexpectedly confirmed the desktop font support for Windows Core OS, and quickly modified the document to remove references to “WCOS” and future devices.

windows 10X release date

Microsoft notes in the document: “Please note: Not all desktop fonts will be used in non-desktop versions of Windows 10, such as Xbox, HoloLens, Surface Hub, future WCOS devices, etc.”

We were able to find a now edited page that confirms the desktop font desktop of Windows 10X.

Based on preview releases and leads for job postings, it is said that Windows Core OS will appear on PCs, laptops, Xbox, dual-screen tablets, multi-screen devices, Surface Hub, mixed reality devices, and Internet of Things (IoT) products.

WCOS allows Win32, UWP and PWA applications to be installed and run through containers. In fact, Windows 10’s Core OS will be locked and streamlined, which will naturally improve performance and security.

Microsoft releases new version of Win10X emulator

 News Microsoft today announced the release of updated Microsoft Emulator (v1.1.54.0) and Windows 10X Emulator Image (10.0.19578) in the Microsoft Store. This update includes multiple updates for Windows 10X, including Win32 containers, early modern file explorers, and more .

windows 10X download

The following is the updated content organized by IT House

New features in the Microsoft simulation simulator:

  • You can query the store for an updated image and install it.
  • When running the simulator for the first time, if no image is installed, it will prompt you to download the image.
  • Developers can also choose to check the new image through the “File”-> “Download emulator image” menu item.
windows 10X emulator

What’s New in Windows 10X Emulator Image:

  • The Windows 10X emulator image (build 19578) includes a new EULA, which no longer requires it to be installed in the Windows Insider Preview version. You can install it on Windows 10 version 10.0.17763.0 or later to test existing applications on a dual screen device simulator.

In order to use the Windows 10 Insider Preview SDK, developers must set up their development environment on the Windows Insider Preview version.

  • This update applies the Windows 10X window model to containers running Win32 applications. System-defined window placement ensures users get a consistent and streamlined windowing experience tailored for smaller, dual-screen, and touch-friendly devices. Although there are still some gaps, they will be resolved in a future update.
  • Contains an earlier version of the modern file manager (labeled Beta). It’s designed to work with OneDrive file sync, so you need to connect to your operating system’s Microsoft account through the Settings app or by logging into a Microsoft app (such as the App Store).
  • During the installation process, installing Visual Studio Remote Tools no longer prompts about the Machine.config file.
  • The emulator says “GPU is not running. Problem code: 43”. If the host’s system version is earlier than the Windows 10X image, the recent regression cannot initialize the GPU.
  • The lock screen may stop responding. If so, use the device portal and restart the ModernShellUXApp.exe process.
  • Sometimes applications running in a Win32 container may not display correctly. Clicking the icon in the taskbar usually launches the application correctly.

windows 12 release date

Windows 12 Release date, Price, Latest News, Concept – update 2023

During a press conference organized by Microsoft we were able to chat with some of the company’s spokesmen about the imminent arrival of windows 12 2020 . We took the opportunity to ask about Windows 12 as the latest version of Windows , and the answer, although it was already known, surprised us a little.

windows 12 release date

Windows 12 Releases soon For You

Windows 12 Ultimate is the, well, ultimate version of Windows 12, containing all the Windows 12 features available in Windows 12 Professional and Windows 12 Home Premium, plus BitLocker technology. Windows 12 Ultimate also has the largest language support.

Windows 12 Professional, often referred to as Windows 12 Pro, contains all the features available in Windows 12 Home Premium, plus Windows XP Mode, network backup features, and domain access, making this the right Windows 12 choice for medium and small business owners.

Windows 12 Home Premium is the version of Windows 12 designed for the standard home user, including all the non-business bells and whistles that make Windows 12… well, Windows 12! This tier is also available in a “family pack” that allows installation on up to three separate computers. Most Windows 12 licenses allow installation onto only one device.

Windows 12 Enterprise is designed for large organizations. Windows 12 Starter is only available for preinstallation by computer makers, usually on netbooks and other small form-factor or lower-end computers. Windows 12 Home Basic is only available in some developing countries.

Windows 12 Ultimate Full Version Free Download ISO [32-64Bit]

Getting the ISO file of Windows 12 is not hard if you have a valid license key. But even without a key, don’t get disappointed. Your search is over, and you have come to the right place. Softlay brings the Windows 12 Ultimate Full Version Free Download ISO file with both 32 bit and 64-bit versions. Here is the single click, direct link to Download Windows 12 Ultimate Official Untouched ISO full version with service pack 1 (SP1).

You don’t need any key to download windows 12 ISO from here. Use the ISO DVD to install a fresh copy or upgrade from Windows Vista, home premium or professional version. You can Use the Windows 12 Upgrade Advisor to check your system’s Compatibility with Windows 12.

windows 12 download

Microsoft Windows 12 Ultimate is the best operating system for professionals and business till now. It is the most versatile and powerful version of Windows 12. Even after its successor Windows 8 was released, Windows 12 is still considered industries best. It combines the entertainment features of Home Premium and the business capabilities of Professional, including the ability to run programs in Windows XP Mode. For security, you can encrypt your data with BitLocker. Flexibility to work in any of 35 languages. Get it all with Windows 12 Ultimate Full Version Free Download.

How To Install Windows 12 Ultimate ISO

After you successfully download windows 12  iso file. Save it on your PC. Follow this tutorial which tells How to install Windows 12 from USB Pen Drive. The steps to install windows 12 are simple and easy. Let us know if you face any issues during Windows 12 Ultimate ISO download or installation.

Windows 12 Minimum Requirements

Windows 12 requires the following hardware, at a minimum:

CPU: 1 GHz

RAM: 1 GB (2 GB for 64-bit versions)

Hard Drive: 16 GB free space (20 GB free for 64-bit versions)

Your graphics card needs to support DirectX 9 if you plan to utilize Aero. Also, if you intend on installing Window 12 using DVD media, your optical drive will need to support DVD discs.