Windows 12 Iso Release Date Update – Microsoft Concept

windows 12 release date

When Windows 12 Will Be Released? We cannot expect our official life without a computer and operating system. Since everything is going so fast, it is quite important to go with the updated versions of everything. As we all know that Windows 12’ updated version will be there to introduce you, users are quite excited … Read more

Windows 12 More Features & Incredible Funtions

windows 12 features

Windows is indeed more than just being an operating program. And therefore Windows 12 has truly created a huge buzz at the forefront. The MS-DOS (stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System) or Windows NT come up with versions and incorporated into the digital operating environment. They are known for being the best former Microsoft Operating … Read more

Windows 10X :Apps that will come by default when it launches in 2021

windows 10X

Microsoft wants the user community to get off to a good start with the new Windows 10X, by including a colorful and lively learning center alongside a large number of default apps. One of the main launches that Microsoft will make next year is the new lightweight Windows 10-based operating system that is changing multiple … Read more

Microsoft releases Windows 10 20H2 with multiple changes like October 2020 update

windows 10 20H2

Finally, the Windows 10 Fall Update is here, better known as the October 2020 Update or Windows 10 20H2. The new update remains free for all existing Windows 10 licenses and features a number of changes, including a new start menu, configuration improvements, and better integration with Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has finally managed to release Windows … Read more

Windows 10 21H1 would be another minor version. Rumor

windows 10 20H1

In October, Microsoft finally shipped the update under the name 20H2 with minor tweaks to the Start menu, taskbar, and notifications. It’s clear that there are big changes to Microsoft’s roadmap for Windows 10 . However, the company is not yet ready to talk about the future of Windows. Windows 10 21H1 would be another minor version. In 2015 Microsoft … Read more