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Windows 11 Iso Download 64 bit Free, Leak News, Release date, Features

We all know that the release of Windows 10 has been running for a short time. Users have been waiting for Microsoft to show their cards on Windows 11 iso . The best thing is that users have been waiting for Microsoft to ensure that the card will be displayed on Windows 11. Microsoft will launch Windows 11 on June 24 , 2021. From that day on, it will be open to the public. 

windows 11 download

Before we update the latest Windows 11download update, we first need to make sure that we have actually installed various updates in Windows Update, because the latest update prepares the system for the latest version of Windows. Here, we want to make sure that we have installed all types of updates in Windows Update. The fact that windows have always been luxurious cannot be ignored. People are very excited about this. In addition, former Windows users also quit due to extended options. Here, it needs mentioning that there are six versions of the total number of Windows 11 to download the

  • Home,
  • Education
  • Pro
  • Enterprise
  • Mobile
  • Mobile Enterprise

Windows 11 Iso features: 

In this section, we will mention the required and very popular Windows 11 features. Let’s see–

  • Newly created start menu
  • Improve safety
  • A complete overhaul of the user interface
  • Enhanced power management
  • Improved gesture integration 
  • Introducing Cortona

Windows 11 Iso system requirements: 

In this section, we will mention Windows 11 requirements. Do you want to know all this? You really landed in the right place.

  • RAM: 32-bit requires 1GB space, 64-bit requires 2GB space
  • Hard Disk Space: The next one in the list is hard disk space, with the following requirements: 32-bit 16 GB, 64-bit 20 GB
  • CPU: You also need a 1 GHz or faster processor or SoC CPU
  • Screen resolution: Windows 11 system also requires a screen resolution of 800 x 600
  • Graphics: Starting with the WDDM 1.0 driver of Microsoft DirectX 9 or higher, the importance of graphics cannot be avoided.

Windows 11 released-frequently asked questions

When it comes to Windows 11 version, people will think of many questions. Here, we will mention these. let us see 

When will Windows 11 be released 

The first question is when will Windows 11 be released. Here, it needs to be mentioned that Microsoft is ready to launch Windows 11 on October 29, 2020, and everyone is desperately waiting. What needs to be mentioned here is that the operating system will also be available after the Windows 10 and Windows 7 update centers.

What are the new features in Windows 11?

Next are the questions most people have been asking about Windows 11 and its amazing features. Here, we really want to emphasize it in detail. Windows 11 will introduce some new era features by correcting old operating system problems after the newly created start menu, taskbar redesigned things, and better Cortona, etc. You can also continue through the device repair driver problem manager and so on.

Don’t pay attention to misunderstandings—

There are many misunderstandings about it. But you must not pay attention to it, because they are not worth it. It is said that Microsoft does not have a team of programmers doing their best to work on Windows 11. They also said that the operating system will not appear from anywhere, because writing requires a lot of effort and patience. Before it was released, it was beta tested.

Not only that, users including the government and giant companies are also waiting. The fact that cannot be ignored is that this secret cannot be bypassed. Although there are still many people who are confused about whether it should work.

What Microsoft is doing at this time is constantly updating Windows 10. This is also circulated everywhere.

Microsoft should release Windows 11 soon. It cannot be ignored that it has indeed become a topic of discussion. It has been a long time since Windows 10 was released. In addition, the technicians are now waiting to do their best for the Windows 11 story. Although it has been a long time since Windows 10 was released, technicians are also waiting for the arrival of Windows 11. It cannot be ignored that Windows 10 has been released, and Windows 11 has been waiting to be released since then.

Although we are all waiting for Windows 11, this fact cannot be ignored. Its features seem amazing, and its benefits will make you amazed.

windows 11 iso

So, what are you waiting for? Windows 11 is just a few steps away from you. The best thing is that you will really fall in love with this software because it does have incredible features and aspects.

windows 11 downloac

Windows 11 Iso Download Leak News, Features & Update – Ultimate pro

Microsoft has confirmed the highly anticipated “What’s Next for Windows” event on June 24. Although the company has been tight-lipped about the exact meaning of “Next Generation Windows”, Microsoft continues to release trailers, suggesting that it will carry out considerable The visual transformation plan is used with Windows 11.

windows 11 download

For those who are unfamiliar, Windows 11 is essentially a Sun Valley update of Windows 10 with Windows 10X features. It is currently expected to go live in the fall along with improvements, new features and new user interfaces.

Release Of Windows 11 Pro Download

Before the launch of the new Windows on June 24, Microsoft’s social media handles once again made fun of the operating system. Although no specific details are provided, the trailer features a reflection of the desktop in the eyes of the model, with a background image from the leaked version.

The trailer only shows the blue wallpaper and does not reveal much information about the upcoming operating system. However, it is now confirmed that the leaked version is legal, and the blue wallpaper will definitely be provided with the operating system.

In addition to the official announcement, Microsoft also updated the profile and cover photo of its social media controller, and its background image is the same as that of Windows 11.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Microsoft’s “Windows” Facebook page has been updated with a new blue profile and cover photo.

Windows 11 Download Iso Leaked News

Although the updated version has been leaked online, we still expect the announcement on June 24 to be quite large. This new version of Windows, code-named Sun Valley, is expected to include important updates to various important components, such as the start menu and desktop. In addition to the leaked start menu, we also look forward to providing a new Windows Store , a consistent dark mode, and rounded corners in the final version .

Microsoft is also testing the Windows feature experience package internally, which will include important interface changes to the operating system.

For example, the Windows widget (news and interest replacement) seems to be part of the Web Experience Pack. It has nothing to do with Windows Update, which means that it can be regularly updated with new features through the Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 will also include features previously tested in the Windows Insider Program. These features include DoH (DNS over HTTPS), a new Windows clipboard, a new touch keyboard, Microsoft Edge integration in the task manager, GUI support in the Windows subsystem of Linux, and more. We also look forward to new first-party applications for Windows.

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