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Download Windows 10 October 2020 update

The fact cannot be ignored changes keep happening in technology to make it better. Whether it is about how we can connect, how do we work, how do we learn or how do we fun, everything keeps changing time-to-time.

New Features and Excitements

Windows 10 updated versions also havea variety of changed features with themselves. Talking about the new favorite shortcut, it is Alt-Tab that helps you to access your Microsoft Edge Tabs, a streamlined design regarding the Start Menu, and so on.Here, we are going to bring more information and knowledge to you so that you will not get confused regarding this.

Most of you might be curious to have an October 2020 update which is initially for users of select devices running Windows 10, version 1903, or who are interested in the context of experiencing the new age features updates and all set to install this release on their specific device. Are you one of them then you have landed at the right place indeed.

  • Microsoft Edge – The latest and greatest version of the new Microsoft Edge, it was launched way back in January. Its phenomenal growth will make you fall in love with it. The new age updates will make you fall in love with it. If you have not tried it yet then you should go ahead with it indeed.If you already have been going with its new browser then you need to go with the firs-hand to get how fast it is and about its excellent new features.
  • Get Refreshing Updates From Start Menu To Taskbar and More – The start menu comes up with a more streamlined design indeed. A partially transparent background to the tiles will be creating a beautiful stage regarding the redesigned app icons such as calendar, mail, and calculator. Here, it needs to mention that this refined start design looks quite beautiful and amazing because of a splash of color. What you need to do is go ahead on START, then TASKBAR and ACTION Center, and then SETTING > PERSONLIZATIN >COLOR  so that it could have accent color to the START FRAME and TILES.
  • To Have Smooth Settings – Settings will continue to turn into a robust place so that security and device details could easily be accessed. Now, you need to go for SETTINGS>SYSTEM>DISPLAY, ADVANCED DISPLAY SETTING.  It means users can easily change the refresh rate of your display indeed. Here, it needs to mention that a higher refresh rate makes it possible to have smoother motion of visuals. Here, it also needs to mention that it also depends on what sort of display or monitor you have. You probably be able to crank it up so that you can have a great gaming experience too.
  • 2 in 1 Toast Elimination – The next on the list is that 2-in-1 devices will naturally switch by default so that you could have a new tablet experience without worrying about the notification toast. It means it will get done on its own when detaching the keyboard so that you can keep going on in the flow you needed.
  • To Have Commercial and Educational Customers’ Oriented Updates – You will be having smoother users if you are any of them. The best thing is that you will be having enhanced security and management both at the same time. It comes up with excellent control, stronger sign-in protection along with enhanced sign-in security as well as virtualization oriented security for Microsoft Edge and Office. You will be having the facility of simple device management, secure biometric sign-on, stronger app protection, security, and so on.

The fact cannot be ignored that Windows is regarded as being one of the highly powerful, secure wells as product placement for each of us to accomplish the best work. It is just excellent to have a lot of fun, learn, and connect. In this context, we are going to share about new-age features of this updated version.

Let’s Check It Out About The Steps To Install –

If you will have been thinking to install the new release, do open your Window Update settings in which you need to choose Update & Security and then Windows Update and then choose check for updates. If this update appears and you are going with Windows 10, version 1903 or later then you may simply choose Download and Install to kick off. There is no need to get confused since the entire process is quite easy and simple to do. All you need to do is following the needed steps to get more about it.

windows 10 october update

Once the download is done and the update is supposed to install, they will send you a notification. You will get to know about the right time to accomplish the installation via notification and then you can choose accordingly easily. You will be able to reboot your device to ensure that the update does not disrupt your activities. You will not come across any hassles while using it. Users using the May 2020 update will be having a quick and fast update experience since the update will install such as monthly updates as it was for devices moving to Windows 10, version 1909 from version 1903.

To get more information on how you may get the October 2020 Update, you must go through the video to pick up the knowledge. It is an ideal way to get more information and knowledge about it. There is no need to get confused since you will be having an incredible experience. You will get to learn more about the status regarding the update availability and rollout, safeguard holds and which hold can also be applied to your device.

Have The Best Experience With The Updated Version –

Have you still been going with the old versions? It is time to go with the ideal updates. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with the best option and get the most out of it. Go with advanced technology to work conveniently and easily.

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