Functions That can be used with “Windows 12” 2023 update

By the time the latest major update of Windows 12 arrived on your computer soon . Once installed, you can play with new windows 12 features and settings such as launching apps in VR and pausing Windows Update. Let’s take a look at what we have.

windows 12 functions

1. Light theme

The default skin of Windows 12 OS has been updated to a light color “light theme”. To switch between light and dark themes, open Windows settings and go to “Personalization” → “Color” → “Select color” and select a color. The default wallpaper has also been tweaked to create a clean, bright design that matches the new color scheme.

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2. Search separated from Cortana

If you type in the taskbar search box, you’ll notice that the search is disconnected from Cortana. Use the tabs ( “Apps” , “Documents” , “Web” ) at the top of the dialog to narrow down the search results as needed. Of course, Cortana is still active. Click the button on the right side of the search box or call “Cortana Sa-n” and it will respond.

3. Brightness can be changed

This is a laptop-specific feature, but the action center (shown by clicking the notification icon on the far right of the taskbar) has a slider that adjusts the brightness. Speaking of Action Center, you can now easily rearrange the tiles. You can change it by right-clicking on the tile and selecting “Edit Quick Action” or right-clicking on an empty area and selecting “Edit”

4. Login to the website
with face recognition

If the website you are accessing does not support face authentication, you cannot use it immediately. With Windows 12 May 2024 “Windows Hello” will help you log in over the Internet. Windows-certified safe biometric authentication method. I’m sure you are all smart. This simple login has been quickly adopted on the account page of Microsoft.

5. More standard apps that can be uninstalled

Good news for those who didn’t like Windows 12. “3D Viewer”, “Calculator”, “Groove Music”, “Mail”, “Calendar”, “Movie & TV”, “Paint 3D”, “Cut Area and Sketch”, “Sticky Notes”, and “Voice Recorder” More apps that can be deleted if not needed. To uninstall the program, go to “Apps” from  Windows Settings” as usual.

6. Pause Windows Update

In Windows, you will be able to manipulate the update freely. Updates can be stopped as needed for 7 days at a time from “Update and Security” in “Windows Settings” . It is also possible to specify in “Change Active Time ” to automatically set “Active Time (Time Zone when Updates are not Installed)” This feature was introduced just before the Windows 12 2019 Update

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7. As you can see at a glance that “Notepad” is unsaved

This feature is already available for competing apps. Following this, “Notepad” now also displays an asterisk in the window title of documents that have not been saved after the change . Files are automatically saved in the cloud every few minutes, this convenient time is full of obsolete feeling, but it may be helpful to prevent closing without saving the file .

windows 12

8. Game bar improvements

Although not strictly part of the Windows 12 May 2024 Update, improvements to the Xbox gamebar ( shown by pressing Win + G ) were also released at the same time as the major update. The gaming utility includes upgraded options such as Sportify controls, easy sharing of screenshots, audio mixing between apps and games, and the ability to connect with friends .

9. Make emoticons easier

For those who often think that “emotions”are convenient for communication,” the Windows 12 iso download 2024 Update makes it easier to send emoticons. It is displayed in the same dialog as the previous pictograms, and it can now be displayed on the screen with the key combination of ” Win + . (Period)”. In addition, useful symbols such as en dash (a dash equal to the width of “n”) can be used

windows 12 download

10. Keep your concentration

Windows 12 recently has a feature called “Concentrated Mode” that blocks notifications when you want to focus on something important. Starting with the Windows 12 2019 Update, when you put an application in full screen mode, it will automatically enable centralized mode at any time. Click “System ” from “Settings” , select “Centralized mode”, and set from the additional toggle switch displayed

11. Make the cursor easier to see

I don’t know how many people were particularly looking forward to this update, but it would be a nice addition for those who usually had difficulty viewing the mouse cursor. When you move from “Easy Operation” to “Cursor and Pointer” on the OS setting screen, you can change the cursor as necessary and make it colorful

12. Avoid problematic updates

With the latest version of the Windows 12 2019 Update, Windows can automatically remove problematic updates. In other words, if you know that your PC won’t start up due to the update, Windows will delete the update and try again 30 days later (when the patch is applied if you want) That’s why. This is like a change made under the water, but I just hope this is not necessary.

windows 12 download

13. Lock key security settings

Some minor tweaks have been made to Windows 12 security settings. Start the “Windows Security Center” (search on the task bar), “anti-virus and threat” from the “Setting the prevention of virus and threat” at the bottom “Managing settings” and click. Use the new “Tamper Prevention” toggle switch to block potentially malicious apps and prevent key Windows configuration options from changing.

14. Run apps on your desktop in virtual reality

Desktop application in VR! Until now, the Windows Mixed Reality environment could only be run on Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. With this update, you can now bring your favorite Windows desktop apps to the virtual reality world, so you can organize emails and read PDFs in the virtual world, which is boring. The task will be a little fun.

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