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The Elder Scrolls IV

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Review, gameplay

In mid-2002, when analyzing the prequel to this Oblivion, we already noted how expected the title was among lovers of role-playing video games. Merrowing promised to bring these players closer to the dream of the genre: a living world, where the adventure was created by the player as he went. Indeed, that game brought that dream closer, but only that, closer. The baton was picked up by massive online role-playing video games, where it is much more feasible since it is, after all, a world populated by people. But Bethesda Soft works didn’t throw in the towel. As we said at the time, they wanted to create a great single player RPG before everything went online. And they got it; Borrowing transcended a genre whose star figures belonged to the network game, and earned a reputation as a broad, deep, diverse and very long-lived product. It was also a fairly extensible game, around which a large community of add-on creators was formed, in addition to official expansions. So much so that even today many people play Borrowing. What prevented Bethesda back then from achieving the dream of the genre? Technical limitations above all, and details that derived from these. Already in its day it was an enormously demanding title in that regard. Almost four years after that analysis, we have hardware capable of filing those details. Do they really make a difference?

The Elder Scrolls IV

As a game of the saga that boasts, in Oblivion we start prisoners. The Emperor himself (voiced by actor Patrick Stewart) pays us a visit, as he has seen us in our dreams. We follow him out but unknown attackers finish him off. During the process we created our character in a similar way to how we did it in Morrowind, with the exception that in Oblivion we have much more physical freedom, we can model every last one of the facial features, in a very similar way to Fight Night Round 3 of AE.

The beginning of something bigger

Before I begin I will say that I understand that many people like oblivion since it is one of the games that catapulted the saga of The elder scrolls to fame, however I must say that the game left a bitter taste in my mouth.

GRAPHICS: currently very backwards and technically leaves a lot to be desired. Still has its charm.

GAMEPLAY: very uncomfortable in all aspects, both when exploring and the combats are truly uncomfortable and the passage of time shows it.

INNOVATION: it is clear that this is the section in which the game shines the most since this game has some very good original ideas for the time it was made.


I’m going to say something that will shock many people, but Skyrim simply surpassed Oblivion and by far… I think the best way to give my opinion is through a comparison (and for the record that I’m not an oblivion hater): I played to both games in the saga and I think I spent 300 hours on skyrim and 80 on oblivion and it turns out that although oblivion was innovative, it had a lot of flaws: its world was not credible and it was dead, the NPCs had no charisma nor any life, its landscapes were monotonous as were its missions in fact, the guild missions (which were supposed to be the best) were boring and soporific as well as meaningless and what to say about its horrible system of levels / skills in addition to mediocre setting. But that changed when skyrim came along. Regardless of who may, skyrim is the logical evolution of oblivion “why?” Simply because skyrim takes everything that oblivion had, it improves it and also adds a multitude of new things and a living world in which you can spend hours and hours without getting tired in an epic game, something that oblivion was not. The only thing that oblivion had capable of matching skyrim was its soundtrack.

In summary, oblivion is a clear example that the old does not have to be better than the new. That is why I advise all the people who are going to start in this saga not to waste time playing a game that is only what it is thanks to a community of insufferable fanboys. It is best to play skyrim or morrowind directly. And to the fanboys I tell you not to fool yourselves because deep down you know that oblivion is no longer what it was and has nothing to do with respect to current RPGs. That’s why instead of throwing shit at skyrim, I encourage you to try it or replay it since with time you will see how superior it is to oblivion. Says a veteran in this saga.

The Great Masterpiece of the successful and impressive Oblivion

After much more than 1,000 hours of play, I can say that The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a Supreme Authentic Masterpiece, Unmatched, Unsurpassed, Legendary, Impressive, Extremely good, almost Perfect, it is Excellent, offers many hours, Ayleid ruins , camps, dungeons, caves, secondary missions, guilds, etc. Oblivion, despite being repetitive in places, continues to engage the fictional world, great setting, an epic ending, etc. Graphics despite having bad, but acceptable graphics for this time, at the time they were impressive.
Secondary Missions: one of the best things in the game, the secondary missions are unique, unrepeatable, well worked, perfect, they deserve a 10.
Guilds: perfect, unmatched, also with very well worked missions, excellent, impressive, exciting, and very good, I give them a 10.
Gameplay: Great gameplay, with 21 special abilities, with a huge variety of spells, weapons, armor, enchantments, a better journal than Morrowind's, a huge variety of enemies, you can create spells, you can jump very high, run on water, run very fast , jump to enormous distances only if you are trained in Athletics and Acrobatics, you can paralyze, knock down, disarm, and make more power attacks with daggers, axes, swords, greatswords, hammers, hands, bow, etc, and the enemies will also give you They can do them, I give it a 9.8.
Autolevel and difficulty: many complain about Oblivion's autolevel, since at first you can enter many, caves, ruins, dungeons, forts, camps, etc, but after level 18, the game becomes much more difficult, even EVERYONE, even a bandit can become a Master of ALL skills, and they can bring Ebony, Daedric, Crystal Armor, and Crystal, Daedric, Ebony Weapons, etc. even sometimes enchanted, I give it a 7.5 at first, but a 10 later.
Main Plot: I am not going to reveal anything about the main plot, but in Oblivion they showed you the world in crisis, chaos and destruction, the Oblivion portals are opening and you are the only one who can save the world from destruction, the end It's epic, legendary, really cool, I give it a 9.5 and in the end I give it a 10.
Setting: The infinite world of Cyrodiil offers so many possibilities, infinite possibilities, Oblivion plans are really, impressive, unique, demonic, gloomy, devilish, highly worked, incredible, and desolate, and the world of Cyrodiil province has several places , which are swamps, (to the south), snow and tundra (to the north), forests and a lot of vegetation, flora and fauna, (70% of Cyrodiil), and more places, which can seem very beautiful and even more when it rains , the sounds of thunder, realistic forests, huge lakes, the huge medieval cities, especially the Imperial City, they all have different culture and history, I give it a 10.
Expansions: Shivering Isles, which is the best Oblivion expansion, is really impressive, almost a second game, with a much less huge mapping, but with an alien and strange appearance, the trembling islands are from the Daedric Prince Sheogorath, the prince of madness and the illogical, but I will not reveal anything about the main plot or that of Knights of the Nine, Shivering Isles is for me, the BEST expansion of the saga, the most worked, epic, exciting, very long, etc, I give it a 10 to Shivering Isles, and Knights of the Nine I give it a 9.5.
The game is real: everything important that you do in the game appears in the newspaper, there are rumors, people who admire you, fear you, hate you, etc. In addition, they build a very statue in your honor when you save Bruma from the Daedra .

Virtual world

Great game, huge world to explore with many missions, good graphics although for my taste it develops a little slow and regular combat. Good investment for those who want many hours of play although for me it lacks some emotion. Advancing is easy and there are things that are not understood, sometimes the soldiers arrest you for no reason etc... Driving the horse it's almost better to walk, the faces of the characters all look the same. Well the truth is that even in such a big game it is easy to find fault with it.
I bought it for 9 leuros, that is, a bargain price for everything it offers. Now there are better games like its sequel Skyrim or the incomparable Dark Souls, but in its day it was the best and for the price it now has, it's worth it.

The game of the year.

It is the best role-playing game I have ever played. What I think is best is that you can choose between ten races, and on top of that they are super cool except for some that are disgusting, I mainly chose the orc, no wonder there is a game of the year edition in which they give you some downloadable islands. The bad thing is that the map is big, it takes a long time to get there and if you steal a horse the guard will arrest you or kill you. What's cool is that it happens at night and that you can undress the people, that's funny, you can also take weapons from them. The enemies are very original and there are many cities.

Years after its premiere.

Oblivion is one of the most important releases in the world of RPG, which perhaps was not valued as groundbreaking as its predecessor Morrowind was and the much more massive phenomenon that has been the great Skyrim, Oblivion was in the middle in massiveness but not in quality. Clearly its years are weighing on graphics, which are still good, and on mechanics that were improved in Skyrim.
Skyrim in my opinion is much more accessible than Oblivion, it's like... simpler to play and get into the world, but that doesn't make Oblivion a bad game... quite the opposite, it makes it an Elder Scroll in my opinion For more hardcore players of RPG's and of this saga in particular. The main story is great, even more interesting than that of Skyrim in my opinion, it makes you want to follow it and obviously it has what makes this saga the best RPG's in the world of video games that are freedom of action, the living world and the immersion is the fantastic world of the Elder Scrolls, that every time they come out, they set the standard for how to make a good game.