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The Elder Scrolls V

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

Welcome Dragonborn , this is Skyrim …see those huge flying lizards? Your duty is to end the great threat that looms against Skyrim . He sees and fulfills your destiny with courage Well, you can also do a little whatever you want… How about GGs my name is Clawd and this is Gamer Generation , this time I would like to talk about one of the titans in making you waste your time and one of the videogames with the most relaunches in video game history, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim .Well, what does the story of Skyrim tell us? The story places us in the middle of a civil war between the imperials and the storm cloaks, you have been caught by the imperials trying to cross the border and despite being innocent you are sentenced to be beheaded, which would have been a disgrace except for a huge dragon that comes to light things up a bit, in the confusion you manage to escape and your adventure begins.

The Elder Scrolls V

The gameplay is based on what was seen in Fallout 3 , a first-person exploration and adventure game with a quite addictive combat system. I must say that, despite having problems, it’s a lot of fun. The combat system is quite extensive with various types of weapons and magic, and best of all, all your skills level up with use, it’s just like real life! only better because you don’t even have to get up from your seat. Technologically I must say that Skyrim suffers from quite obvious problems, the game has suffered from a huge number of bugs and catastrophic failures, the classic Bethesda style , as well as there are small texture failures, there are also moments in which when killing an enemy his body it can shoot comically all over the place and more serious failures such as the game crashing or constant lag if it’s the PS3 version.

Aesthetically the game looks spectacular in terms of landscapes, the Skyrim map is vast and invites you to get lost in its wide expanses of land, on the other hand the NPCs don’t look quite right, they are not a catastrophe but they do take a bit out of you of the experience, especially for its robotic movements. Regarding the music, this game has a great quality, especially in its great piece that sounds epic and with a lot of power, in a matter of sound effects, the roars of the dragons, the steps of the giants and mammoths, the clashing of swords clashing and magical lightning flying, without a doubt quite a spectacle. In conclusion, Skyrim, despite its problems, is an experience that you cannot miss, it is on all currently existing consoles and the PC, you have no excuse not to play it, let yourself be carried away by this addictive game and discover how to use the violent Dragon language Fuss-Ro-Dah!!

Anyway, GG’s, I hope you liked this review of one of the games I’ve played the most times in a row, what other time-stealing games have you tried? Leave it to me in the comments, I’m Clawed and like you I’m part of a generation that loves video games, a Gamer Generation , see you next week, Bye. The best game ever without a doubt This game transports you to a world of the middle Ages, full of fascinating creatures such as dragons, trolls, mammoths, giants, drags. Its open world and its setting make this title the best open world RPG game of all time. Speaking of its history, it may become tedious at certain points if you’re not used to this type of game, but it’s really worth it.


A game in capital letters, and that ensures hundreds and hundreds of hours of play, to the point that I haven't finished it and I'm sorry until I uninstall it and delete the saved games. Gigantic settings, hundreds of characters, dragons, magic, swords, and a story that changes as you position yourself on one side or another. Graphically it's pretty good, especially considering the year it came out, a decade ago. The music is very good and perfect for the game, and the gameplay is good, being able to choose even between two weapons in combat gives versatility. It just takes time to get through it, quite a bit. Sometimes I have found some bugs.

Skyrim is a masterpiece.

A masterpiece and one of my favorite games from years ago. For the simple reason for what it was and what it is (community mods) the truth is that it is very entertaining to walk around the entire map and follow the story in addition to the large number of community mods that are crazy The truth is that it is a 10/10 game with obviously its bugs, failures, crashes but what matters is its content, not its failures.

A world to get lost in

As negative points I will say that the movements of the characters look very stiff, the facial gestures are not very far, although in the final result they comply. The combat system is simple, although it is also true that you have options to face each battle, you can use stealth, blows, magic, with the bow, with spells, with several at the same time. This is a role-playing game with capital words, although there is a story and missions you have complete freedom to do what you want and to build the character you want, to start with the mission you want and explore the world with total freedom.
The world of Skyrim is beautiful, you have areas of all colors, snowy areas, more spring areas and with the possibility of adding graphic mods things improve even more, the music is delightful, one of the best it has. It is true that sometimes it becomes repetitive and that the main story is fine, it complies, but it is not the main thing, the best thing about this game is the freedom it gives you, building your character, getting lost in that world and know him. As a final note, a little more variety of enemies and locations is missing, there are some dungeons that do not stop repeating themselves throughout the game and the inclusion of dragons, although successful, tires a bit in the long run. Despite everything I've said, this game is a delight if you like medieval fantasy role-playing games.

Dragon blood

The fifth part of The Elder Scrolls saga, Skyrim is a world very well set in the Norse Viking style, it is gigantic and full of details. It is a fantasy-filled first-person action-adventure game. With many RPG elements, skill tree, many weapons and classes. In general, it has a lot of content of all kinds and good progression. There are skill trees, but the progression is based on what the player does, if you use the bow a lot you will improve as an archer, Fallout New Vegas has this system for example, it seems very good and realistic in a certain way.
There are many quests, whether for the main plot, side quests or faction quests. The factions have good quests and storylines, many of them affecting the world and altering the other factions. Despite having so much variety and content, the combat system is quite bad, it is simply based on hitting and hitting until the enemy is knocked down, and yes, you can cover yourself with a shield or you can also use bows and magic to change a bit, but you end up repeating the same thing over and over again. It feels like a combat system without original ideas and that something boring can be done.
The freedom that the game gives is nice, and simply dedicating yourself to exploring the world and getting things, exploration and curiosity are rewarded. Too bad that although the map is detailed and interesting, many areas are repeated, especially the dungeons. The graphics perhaps leave a bit to be desired but they still look good. Skyrim also stands out in the community of him. Like many other Steam games, the Workshop supposes double hours of extra and quality content, in fact I would dare to say that Skyrim is one of the most active in that sense. Lots of extra content of all kinds. In conclusion it is a game of enormous proportions, a lot of fun and in short a great adventure. The difficulty can sometimes be somewhat shaky, being either very easy or very hard. It guarantees hundreds of hours of a lot of content where there is always something to do and things to discover.