Windows 10 21H1 would be another minor version. Rumor

In October, Microsoft finally shipped the update under the name 20H2 with minor tweaks to the Start menu, taskbar, and notifications. It’s clear that there are big changes to Microsoft’s roadmap for Windows 10 . However, the company is not yet ready to talk about the future of Windows. Windows 10 21H1 would be another minor version.

In 2015 Microsoft said that Windows 10 would be the last version of the Operating System and that there would be no “Windows 11”. The new way to update Windows is what Microsoft already calls “Windows as a Service.”

Windows 10, under this “as a service” approach, was supposed to enhance the overall system experience with something new and better for everyone. This included both consumers and businesses.

A rumor indicates that Windows 10 21H1 would be another minor version

In the last two years we have been seeing the pace of development of Windows 10 drastically slow down. Microsoft still has feature updates for Windows 10 twice a year. However, the updates are now much smaller and there are no big new features. The Activity Center, the Start menu, the taskbar, and virtually all major components have been unchanged since 2015.

In December 2020 Windows 10X will likely reach RTM (manufacturer release) status. The operating system will likely debut in the first half of 2021 as well with all the features seen in recent previews.

Rumor has it that Microsoft may end up releasing just one feature update next year and that the supposed 21H1 won’t be a huge update. This would arrive in the second or third quarter (spring) of 2021. Probably 21H1 will be another enablement package or a small update to the Service Pack style as Microsoft has used us lately.

In the second half of next year, the Redmond team is expected to deliver a new design for Windows 10 with the codename “Sun Valley . ” There we would already have a substantial change and we will begin to see it in the Insider compilations early next year.

Windows 10 in the branch 21H1 will arrive to the users insiders from June and could release a renewed start menu

With Windows 10 May 2020 Update already on the market , the next step on the list will be the update that we will see arrive in the fall. In fact, we have already seen how Microsoft works on the 20H2 branch with builds that are released in the Fast Ring within the Insider Program .

But the Redmond company is already working in the not so immediate future and preparing the 21H1 branch of Windows 10. It will be the one that we will see arriving in a year, in the spring of 2021 and according to Windows Latest , Microsoft is already preparing what it can offer .

The 21H1 branch already in June

For now, what is known, despite the fact that the paragraph has been deleted , is that the 21H1 branch will be called Iron as a code name) and will begin to be deployed among users of the Insider Program throughout this month.

As revealed in @msbuilds , this compilation will debut with Build 20133.1000 and it appears that it would introduce an improved start menu in Windows. Something that we already saw advanced in the month of March and that meant the disappearance of Live Tiles and the adoption of translucent mosaics.

The goal is for the menu to become better integrated with the theme chosen in Windows , be it light or dark mode. In addition, it aims to be more homogeneous with respect to other aesthetic changes in key applications and on the Windows platform.

The improvements that come with the 201H1 branch will be progressive , something usual, so that the most noticeable, those that affect the design, may take a long time to arrive and that at the beginning they focus on the performance improvements.

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