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Windows 10 May Update is here

As we already know, Windows 10 development is an ongoing process and it receives updates from time to time. Every six months you receive major updates, user changes, and security enhancements. Windows 10 May Update is here.

windows 10 update

What does the May update bring to Windows 10?

The May update is the latest version of Windows 10 and is known internally as 20H1. This refers to the fact that it is the update for the first half of 2020. Now 20H1 has reached its final version of the cycle.

It is currently available to members of Insider’s “Release Preview” Ring and Slow Ring program Those in Redmond have not yet said when it will be launched to consumers and businesses in general, but we assume that at most, it will be the third week of May.

While the update will be available in May, it could take some time to reach our PC due to the gradual nature of the release. If we can’t wait to receive it, we can always use the media creation tool or the Insider program to force the update.

As we always tell you, if you finally choose to update via Insider, create a backup of the files. We also recommend not installing the Windows 10 version on our work computer. We do not know how it will work or if it will bring major release bugs .

We also remember that Microsoft has kept the May update almost unchanged for months in the preliminary versions. These, in addition, have been quite stable from the beginning.

The May update is not a small update like the one in November last year, but do not expect big changes either. There are useful little improvements throughout the OS, including DirectX 12 Ultimate with raytracing enhancements. Support for multiple monitors, video output improvements, and better gaming performance are also improved.

After this May update, Microsoft will release a small update with the nickname 20H2, repeating the formula from last year.

Microsoft warns of a bug in Windows 10 that leads to loss of browser data

Earlier this year, Microsoft released the May 2020 Update with improvements to Windows Sandbox, Cloud Recovery, and more. Last month, the people in Redmond shipped another feature update called the “October 2020 Update” and it initially didn’t have many bugs. However, it appears that there is at least one underlying problem that remains unsolved and is now affecting more users. Microsoft warns of a bug in Windows 10 that leads to loss of browser data.

windows 10 bug

In a new support document, Microsoft confirmed that a bug in Windows 10 version 2004 was behind the black screen problem. This problem was mainly observed on external monitors and also affected the Office productivity suite. However, some users reported similar problems on their main monitor as well.

Bug in Windows 10 that leads to loss of browser data

A new cumulative update, which is currently available through Windows Update, finally fixes this black screen issue. The fix also applies to the Windows 10 October 2020 Update because both operating systems share the same core components.

However, other issues from past updates are still present. Windows 10 2004 and later are plagued with notable issues with Chromium browsers and Microsoft’s own applications. After the May 2020 update, users reported that the Chrome and Edge browsers stopped syncing their data, and their browsing data was automatically reset upon restart.

As of August, Microsoft sources said the company was aware of the problems and was actively investigating the cause. However, this problem remains unsolved to this day.

” We are working on a fix for this issue, but due to the nature of Windows Update, unfortunately it will take a little longer until we can fix it through a monthly service update . ” This was said by Microsoft .

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