Windows 10 Update version 2004 vs version 1909 – Expectations

windows 10 2004 vs 1909
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what’s new since 1909 well actually quite a lot we now have electric cars we’ve got the internet we’ve got tv commercial jetliners oh you mean windows 1909 to windows 2004 well in today we’re going to see what microsoft has added in its feature update and if the features are worth updating for but i will say the revamp of the mouse cursor settings.

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Especially if you’re a gamer or have a mouse without minor dpi adjustments this can help out a lot so this new feature alone with 20 increments of sensitivity adjustment versus the original 11in itself is worth updating windows 2004 for though let’s get into the rest of these changes. Hey dude i love paying 200 dollars for a windows10 pro license said no one today’s video sponsors cd keys has you covered with a cheap windows 10 prooem single and user license using the ty coupon code you can get this for as little as 13 usd links in description below so first off if you want to check to see if you can update to windows 2004 then you will need to be on either update 1903 or 1909 first and if it’s still not there and available after that then microsoft apparently isn’t rolling it out to your computer yet as they don’t feel comfortable doing. so that is it could bug out or it is a known issue with your current cpu motherboard and or graphics card configuration for instance on my 7980xe main rig that i’m using at the moment it simply doesn’t have the option to update to 2004. Though besides the mouse cursor another feature that they’ve rolled out that is pretty good is the reset this pc now includes a cloud download option which if selected will reset windows from the current version you have updated to rather than the original build that the install was done on say for instance.

Update version 2004 vs version 1909

If you use the usb stick that’s installed 1903 and you select the cloud option it’ll now update to windows 2004 if you’ve previously updated this os to windows 2004 this can save you a lot of hassle and time and personally it’s a welcome addition to the list of features you can also now enable password less sign-in from microsoft accounts on your windows 10 device by going to settings accounts sign in options and selecting on under make your devices password less enabling password less sign-in will switch all microsoft accounts on your windows 10 device to modern authentication with windows hello face fingerprint orp in but for me personally i do this on computers already that i sell and on benchmark rigs.

For example i just have the pc offline first. when i install windows and then from there i just install windows with no password but this will definitely make things better for say computers that are in the household that multiple people use and they’re sick of typing in passwords all the time there’s also the pin sign in option for safe mode which previously was just your password and it’s now supported on all major browsers including chrome and fire fox but what about opera previously windows defender is now renamed to microsoft defender and has system management mode which it will scan and check your registry and io that’s input output so basically it’s becoming more intense in the way it checks and protects your system which is a good thing for some especially if you are very blasé about how you use your computer application guard for microsoft office will also be rolled out in this update soon though it’s not available asi currently am doing this article and as for your start menu you can now search using the start menu itself without having to open up a browser how well this feature works for you is well up to you.

I personally really like it if you want to search for some quick info for instance currency rates if i want to convert the a ussie dollar to usd on the fly i can quickly do that now in the start search menu and it does a really good job there’s also been a major update to the prediction of spelling and on top of that the algorithm used for indexing which if it detects high disk usage which is great if you can’t afford an ssd for example it will minimize the system indexing and free up system resources this can of course in particular help laptops and low potato pcs so another welcome addition with 2004 windows update windows also allows you now to rename your virtual workspaces or virtual desktop and cortana has had an overhaul where apparently it has much better performance and has a news peech mode on top of that though you will have to sign into your Microsoft account.

Windows 10 2009 vs 1909 Performance

so if you’re like me and you don’t use a microsoft account on a lot of your computers then this won’t even be there to begin with the home group option has now been removed from the give access and performance tabs and there’s also provide feedback tab when you right click on services in task manager though speaking of task manager this has received an update inits own which it now monitors your gpu temperature and also displays the model number of your ssd for example though the temperature readout didn’t work on my5600 xt and also the gpu scheduling update which we’ll talk about soon didn’t work on the amd gpu either though as for graphics. we now have this hardware accelerated gpu scheduling option allowing your gpu to manage its own memory better according to Microsoft which is supposed to drop latency even and improve graphics performance though the results are currently mixed from what i’m seeing most are showing no improvements at this point in time so if you guys want i can perhaps throw in some old potato gpus

when i test this feature outand i’ve known microsoft for instance with game mode and stuff like that in the past to have their features more tailored towards helping out potato style computers rather thanthe high-end stuff so just like the gpu temperature readout this wasn’t showing on my 5600 xt though apparently there is a registry hack that you can manually put in if you want to get this to work though i don’t really recommend doing registry hacks.

Especially if you want to reverse some things in the future can cause issues the directx 12 also now has an update for ray tracing with tier 1.1 from 1.0which improves the efficiency of pipeline state object additions includes the introduction of inline ray tracing and improvements to ray tracing execution which has an adaptive algorithm to sense the number of rays decided in proportion to the gpu execution timeline honestly this all sounds to me like direct x 12 is getting ready for an upcoming launch of the xbox series x though some other interesting improvements here also include texture streaming in other words prioritizing what textures are loaded at what detail levels stated in mips and on top of that there is texture space shading which if a redundant space is deemed useless it simply won’t draw at saving resources there’s also the new directx mesh shader this has now been improved to reduce the steps to two instead of previously six. where the input assembler vertex shader and whole shader now all computer from the amplification shader and tessellation domain shading and geometry shading are now compressed into the mesh shader this allows for more culling in these original six steps according to microsoft and it allows for more detail at the same frame rates so now going back to the optional features page here.

Download Windows 10 Update version 2004 vs 1909

You can multi-select read out additional information and browse via the latest actions button everybody’s favorite notepad and honestly. I use notepad a lot so this is a good addition for me it’s got an update as well you can now wrap around text find and replace things and you also have text zooming line numbers and column numbers are also visible down the bottom by default and there’s also a star to show changes are not yet saved and you can send feedback to to microsoft within notepad itself there’s also utf-8 encoding and the ability to control shift in a new notepad window ctrl shift save as  dialog ctrl shift w to close the notepad window there’s also some bug changes that have been fixed and if you didn’t know they existed then that’s good in the settings tab the network status display has now been revamped to show more information about your network connections showing how much data is being used easier and what connections are now being connected to wha on the fly then windows has also improved wsl 2 linux networking applications using local host and windows sandbox has made bug fixes and more control great for installing and testing unverified apps for example and microsoft edge has had some improvements as well bluetooth pairing has been sped up so you don’t need to go to notifications to finish pairing microsoft have also introduced a thing called desktop analytics a cloud-based service that requires an e3 or e5 license which i don’t personally own so i can’t really tell you about this feature app volume and device preferences has received an update it’s now a little more usable though.

I still much prefer the sound control panel personally and you can now take off suggestions too in notifications and actions and if you’re into networking with cameras you’ve now got native support for that too the magnifier though this has received some updates with the keep mouse pointer settings option offered and there’s also now a reading option to change the way magnifier behaves it also has support for dark themes and has play selected text and caps lock or insert options available disk cleanup can also apparently now back track changes though i couldn’t see this option available and there’s been improvements to foreign language ime namely korean japanese and chinese eye control has also been updated you can now drag and drop pause and it has more open source support and more support from things like joysticks etc delivery of updates now gives you the option to throttle based on absolute bandwidth very handy feature for gamers in my opinion. Especially if you have australian internet like i do you can throttle this setting so if you’re playing games and there’s a windows update hat suddenly pops up in your face you won’t have to worry about skipped frames or anything like that because it won’t be using up all your bandwidth narrator itself has also received a plethora of improvements too too many to list in this video to be honest  though you can now select from new options including donor now increase pitch and say cap and now for the last of the updates which is personally one of my favorite is now the narrator has the text cursor page and this gets a cool aesthetic update which can help show the cursor easier and you can now select from different colors.

I’m really digging this one  i’m going to leave it on legit and so there it all is with the changes to windows 2004 from 1909. you enjoying these new changes do let us know but i will say one thing i mean it’s still a little buggy i mean i’m trying to change my mouse settings in the original menu and then i go back to the other menu and it starts changing by itself so there will be some bugs if you want to update to this newest update when it first is released and this happened with 1909 and even 1903 before that but overall i think some of the changes here are definitely a welcome addition mainly for the mouse and the dx12 updates but with that out of the way if you guys have stayed this far and you’re enjoying that content we’ve got the windows 10 2004 optimization guide for gamers coming out very soon can’t wait to bring that one for you

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