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Windows 10X :Apps that will come by default when it launches in 2021

Microsoft wants the user community to get off to a good start with the new Windows 10X, by including a colorful and lively learning center alongside a large number of default apps.

windows 10X 2021

One of the main launches that Microsoft will make next year is the new lightweight Windows 10-based operating system that is changing multiple features and applications for the better, including some functions being inherited in the version that we currently have available on our computers.

Windows 10X is expected to conclude its development in December this year, and will be available to computer manufacturers in early 2021, although it seems that we cannot see it in bulk until the spring of next year.

Be that as it may, a document has been leaked where we observe the applications that would come by default in Windows 10X, some default applications that would include Microsoft Edge, Office suite, Microsoft Teams, Pending tasks, Photos, Explorer, Camera, Calculator, Alarms and clock, Movies and TV, Paint, Music, Notepad, People, Messaging, Media plan and Learning Center , some with a changed name compared to certain applications that we already know.

windows 10X

For example we have the “learning center” which is the application of “Tips” that we have in Windows 10, but regardless of that it is interesting to know what we are going to find if we get a device that has this operating system installed.

To make it easier for Windows 10X to have a wide acceptance among the user community, Microsoft will use an integrated learning center , under a tips application, where they will highlight, with concise explanations, how to perform different tasks in the new operating system.

Thanks to this application, computer manufacturers will not need to include any type of tutorial to teach their users how to navigate the new lightweight Windows 10X operating system, since this application will be integrated natively into the operating system, teaching us all aspects In a simple way. In addition to efficient windows, it also appears that this learning center will include videos and even animations that will show the list of Windows 10X functions.

In addition to the default applications that we have named you above and that would be common for all devices with Windows 10X, there will be others such as Weather, Voice Recorder, People, Spotify, Netflix, Snip & Sketch and even some that will only appear according to the manufacturer of the device Therefore, if you buy a computer from the HP brand, for example, other proprietary applications such as the HP support tool would be installed.

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