Windows 12 lite Linux -Based Released – Faster Than Windows 10

windows 12 lite
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No ads! No update failure! ‘Windows 12 Lite’ birth With the end of support for Windows 7, Windows 10 is likely to be the dominant share of the desktop OS, but some may not like it.This time, it turned out that there is an operating system called ” Windows 12 Lite ” developed for such a person ( MSPoweruser ).

Windows 12 Lite is a Linux distribution based on Linux Lite , and features a look that looks exactly like Windows 10, including the default wallpaper for Windows 10. Released on 11 feb 2020, It seems that Reddit user hexsayeed discovered it at a local computer fair, and a photo of the Windows 12 Lite package is also posted.

windows 12 lite

What is Windows 12 Lite?

It’s Linux Lite 4.8 with the Xfce desktop environment, i.e. like the original, but enriched with wallpapers and icons in the flat design style known from Windows 10 .

However, in this case the system is not so important as the ideology behind it. A website dedicated to the project has been created , on which we can read that Linux is a guarantee of no problems with updates and no need to have anti-virus software. That, like Windows 10, offers access to known applications and even games, but is lighter and uses less hardware resources.An extensive tutorial guides you through the installation and also allows you to configure basic tools such as PlayOnLinux; Translation layer for games and software.

It is difficult to say who is behind this project, because no one has deigned to sign under it. The name of the head of the Linux Lite 4.8 project, Jerry Benzencon, appears only in the context of Linux Lite itself and its components, not the modification of Windows 12 Lite.

windows 12 lite linux

Not a sophisticated attempt to gain attention? Well, it looks like this – although it should be noted that the gnulinux community is more and more often referring to Windows recently. Even Canonical, usually very reserved, tries to strip off a piece of cake for himself. Another thing is that somehow the effects of this guerrilla campaign are not visible. And this is unlikely to change

Unknowns released discs with an operating system called Windows 12 Lite. It is not related to Microsoft, but something still connects it with Windows.Disks with the Windows 12 Lite distribution are sold on market disruptions in the UK and several other countries – these are self-made CDRs in envelopes with carelessly printed printing. The booklet attached to the disk indicates that Windows 12 Lite can be launched on a computer in parallel with Windows 7 or Windows 10. The operating system boots in 15 seconds and supports Nvidea drivers (probably, Nvidia is meant), therefore it is suitable for games. To install Windows 12 Lite, you do not need a license or activation key, the OS is free, and it can be installed on any number of computers. It is emphasized separately that it does not contain ads and viruses, does not transfer data to Microsoft, and does not interrupt work to install the update. Moreover, it supposedly runs three times faster than Windows 10. As Reddit users found out, a Linux distribution created on the basis of Lite OS with wallpapers from Windows 10 is recorded on the Windows 12 Lite disc. Most likely, Microsoft will have complaints against the developers of this OS about the name and use of wallpaper, but taking into account the fact they do not sell licenses; the punishment may not be so severe. It is possible that the discs are sold by those who are in no way connected with Windows 12 Lite, but only decided to make money on the well-known Windows brand

Windows 12-lite-linux

launch a new version of Windows based on Linux – Windows 12 Lite

Yes, Microsoft has initiated an approach to open source software that would have been unthinkable a few years ago (so much so that it has encouraged some to ask Microsoft to release the Windows 7 code ). But what seems more complicated is that, from good to first, the company founded by Bill Gates may decide to give up the technology they have been developing for decades … and launch a new version of Windows based on Linux .

But that is exactly what the creators of a GNU / Linux distribution that have been launched on the market under the name of ‘Windows 12 Lite’ intend to believe us . It is based on Linux Lite (based on Ubuntu) and equipped with a modified XFCE desktop to mimic the Windows ‘look & feel’.

It goes without saying that this product has been developed (or, rather, packaged), with its back to Microsoft. And since it violates the copyright of its brand and characteristic graphic elements (starting with its logo) , it is assumed that the life of this curious invention will be quite short.

Have you seen Windows 12? Linux skinned, claims to perfectly replace Windows 10

Microsoft has taken Windows 10 as a long-term business, and will continue to upgrade in the future. For a long time, you may never even see Windows 11, Windows 12 …

Some foreign netizens recently encountered a so-called “Windows 12” installation disc, specifically Windows 12 Lite , and the slogan is also a variety of irony and spit Windows 10:

- No unwanted update patches, no upgrade failures, and no pressure on you to buy more versions

-No virus or extortion software, natural immunity

-Dual-boot operation with Windows 7/10, free copying and editing of files

-Starts up to three times faster than Windows 10 and takes about 10 seconds

-Comes with a lot of the best software, more than 80,000 models are available in the software manager

-Perfect support for Steam / NVIDIA graphics cards, and still play games

-No authorization, no activation required, casual installation, data will not be stolen by Microsoft

-No Microsoft advertising …

windows 12 lite

After some exploration, I found the official website of Windows 12 Lite. It turned out that it was based on Linux Lite 4.8 and replaced Windows 10 wallpapers and icons.

Linux Lite 4.8 is based on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS. It was just released on January 14th, the day when Windows 7 officially retired. Its slogan and goal is to attract old Windows 7 users to transfer camp.

Differences between Windows 12 Lite 4.8 and Linux Lite 4.8

Windows 12 Lite is essentially Linux Lite, you can think so. However, they are also slightly different. I personally think that the differences are mainly the following two points:

  • Windows 12 Lite 4.8 is a Linux distribution for sale, and Linux Lite 4.8 is available for free download.
  • Windows 12 Lite 4.8 customizes some Windows 10 wallpapers and icons and guides users to set them up more like Windows 10.
  • Windows 12 Lite 4.8 (Microsoft) Windows is too obvious and publicity may be suspected of infringement.

In general, Windows 12 Lite 4.8 is not much better than Linux Lite 4.8. Individuals can completely customize it by installing themes, setting wallpapers, and adjusting styles.

How to customize a Windows theme in a Linux distribution

Linux distributions can be installed to install different themes to make the system look more beautiful, useful and beautiful. Therefore, the Linux distribution is more customized and more suitable for “toss”. You can beautify the Linux system like Mac OS, or beautify the Linux system like Windows. You can even beautify the Linux system into a personalized system that suits you.

Here is how to install Windows theme in Ubuntu system, make Ubuntu more like Windows, which is more suitable for users who like Windows theme.

This one looks more like Windows 10 than Windows Lite 12. This one uses Windows 10 Light Theme .

Write at the end

If you are a Windows 7 user and want to change to Linux in the future, you may try Windows 12 Lite, Linux Lite . If you are a Linux enthusiast and use Ubuntu or Linux Mint system and also like Windows theme, you may wish to try Windows 10 Light Theme theme to make your Linux look more like Windows desktop.

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