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windows 12 lite
February 25, 2023 0 Comments

Windows 12 Lite Linux Free download ISO 64 bit: As you remember, it wasn’t accidentally released on the eve of abandoning Windows 7 support, Linux Lite 4.8 was to tempt people looking for a secure system for themselves. Someone is clearly counting on people dissatisfied with Microsoft, because here comes another variant of Linux Lite, baptized with the meaningful nickname Windows 12 Lite Linux

What is Windows 12 Lite? It’s Linux Lite 4.8 with the Xfce desktop environment, i.e. like the original, but enriched with wallpapers and icons in the flat design style known from Windows 10 .

However, in this case the system is not so important as the ideology behind it. A website dedicated to the project has been created , on which we can read that Linux is a guarantee of no problems with updates and no need to have anti-virus software. That, like Windows 10, offers access to known applications and even games, but is lighter and uses less hardware resources.

Windows 12 lite

An extensive tutorial guides you through the installation and also allows you to configure basic tools such as PlayOnLinux; Translation layer for games and software.

It is difficult to say who is behind this project, because no one has deigned to sign under it. The name of the head of the Linux Lite 4.8 project, Jerry Benzencon, appears only in the context of Linux Lite itself and its components, not the modification of Windows 12 Lite. Not a sophisticated attempt to gain attention? Well, it looks like this – although it should be noted that the gnulinux community is more and more often referring to Windows recently. Even Canonical, usually very reserved, tries to strip off a piece of cake for himself. Another thing is that somehow the effects of this guerrilla campaign are not visible. And this is unlikely to change

Windows 12 Lite is said to be superior to Windows 10

The developers website says: “All problems with the inferior operating system [Windows 10] have been solved with Windows 12 Lite 4.8. A really great operating system.” A Reddit user could also find Windows 12 Lite installation media at a local computer show. In the enclosed description of the operating system, the developers list further advantages over Microsoft Windows: No forced updates, not susceptible to viruses or malware, starts up three times faster than Windows 10, no advertising and no transmission of data to Microsoft. Basically, exactly what many Linux distributions also claim, only formulated a little more aggressively

windows 12 lite download

Windows 12 Lite could run faster than Windows 10 and be less susceptible to viruses. Microsoft will not be bothered by that either. Microsoft shouldn’t taste the use of the brand name “Windows” and the delivery of the distribution with the well-known Windows 10 desktop background. So it could be that Linux developers will soon get mail from Microsoft’s lawyers.Windows 12 Lite has the advantage of ” not upgrading when you want to work, without having bug fixes.” which makes it impossible to upgrade “- obviously speaking of Windows 10!

In addition, the document firmly asserts that there will be ” no virus or ransomware (ransomware)” because ” Windows 12 is immune from such nonsense”.

It also says that Windows 12 Lite ” is 3 times faster than Windows 10″ and ” boots in about 15 seconds”.

In addition to the accompanying documentation of poor print quality, this operating system also has a website that looks equally boring, but at least it honestly reveals that this is only a Linux Lite 4.8 LTS distro refined for the same. Windows 10.

windows 12 lite linux

Oddly enough, the aforementioned “Windows 12 Lite” DVD sells for about $ 20 – even though it’s a lot cheaper than the Windows 10 license, it’s a good idea never to spend money on it. random software of unknown origin like this, not to mention paying for using free Linux distros like Linux Lite is totally crazy.

Is Windows 12 Lite Linux a good choice?

While Windows 12 Lite certainly does not replace Windows 10, it has sparked a debate about the possibility that Linux could be a good option for those who are too frustrated with Microsoft to constantly make mistakes with Windows 10.

There are quite a lot of lightweight Linux distros, which are much faster than Windows 10 – especially on old hardware, and because the number of Linux users is much smaller than Windows, the amount of viruses and malware is obvious. Not much. And, as Windows 12 Lite shows, you can tweak Linux to have the interface and method of operation almost identical to Windows! for more windows 12 lite linux

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