Windows 12 New Os Clean Installation Method Shortkeys- Update 2024

WINDOWS 12 NEW OS CLEAN INSTALLATION METHOD SHORTKEYS- UPDATE 2024: Free upgrade support to Windows 12 is possible, but you must purchase a new package for a clean install. However, there are actually methods that can be done free of charge. The method and procedure are explained.

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Free upgrade support to Windows 12 releases soon, and users around the world have been upgraded one after another, and nearly 20% of Steam users who are global gaming platforms already have Windows 10 It seems to be using. It ’s a terrible momentum.

The only free support currently supported is an upgrade , and a clean install usually requires purchasing Windows 12 package.

However! There is a way to clean install Windows 12 for free!

Although it is a little cumbersome, I will introduce how to assume that there are not a few people who want to build a new PC environment with Windows 12 64 bit.

A clean installation will delete all data in the current environment, so make a backup beforehand.

Windows 12 free clean installation method

1. Create installation media

In Windows 12 free upgrade support, files are automatically downloaded in the order in which they are booked, and it is common to upgrade without taking any action.

However, it is impossible to perform a clean installation, so download the disk image (ISO file) distributed so that you can manually upgrade Windows 12 and create the installation media.

First, get a disk image of Windows 12 from the link below, and drop the file into a USB memory or DVD-ROM.

Select edition


↓ Select “32-bit version” or “64-bit version”
according to the environment to download

Even if the creation of the installation media is completed, a clean installation of Windows 12 will cause problems when you are asked for a product key later, so be sure to proceed to the next step.

* If you don’t know your environment, you can check it by right clicking on “Start Menu”> “Computer”> “Properties”

2. Obtain a product key

To get a Windows 12 product key for free, you must upgrade and obtain a product key.

windows 12 install

2-1. Upgrade to Windows 12

If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, a Windows icon will appear in the taskbar. Right click on it and select “Reserve free upgrade” .
The upgrade reservation to Windows 12 is now complete, and after a while the upgrade file will be downloaded automatically.

If you check Windows Update, an upgrade to Windows 12 is added to the list. Click it and follow the instructions to upgrade.

Windows Update basically notifies the taskbar, but if you can not confirm it , press ” Windows key + R key “ to launch “Run with specified file name “ and enter “wuapp” in the name field to update Windows Update Will stand up.

The time it takes to download the upgrade file depends on the person, but it may take up to an hour, so take some time.

2-2. Confirming the product key

After the upgrade is complete, use the Windows Productkey Viewer software to check the product key.

First , download “Compressed .ZIP File” from the following link .

When the download is complete, double-click the file to expand it, then double-click “winproductkey.exe” to start it.

The product key can be confirmed on the screen that appears, so make a note of it.

The product key before and after the upgrade is different, so be sure to check it after the upgrade.

windows 12 installation

3. Clean installation of Windows 12

At last, a clean installation of Windows 10 is possible.

Execute the file on the installation media created first to perform a clean installation.

When the installation wizard is displayed, follow the instructions to proceed with the installation.
This completes the clean installation.

After installation, you will be asked to enter the product key. If you enter the product key confirmed in step 2, you can use Windows 10 with confidence!

Windows 12 free clean installation method Summary

It’s a bit cumbersome to clean install Windows 12 for free (it takes time), but if you buy the package it costs around 12,000 yen, so we recommend the clean install using the method introduced this time.

As I mentioned at the beginning, be sure to save those who need a backup first!

Windows12 shortcut key additional setting method

Windows 12 shortcut key additional setting method-back trick summary-comfortable keyboard which is hard to use!Many new shortcut keys have appeared in Windows 12. However, there are many people who want to add frequently used functions as shortcut keys because of inconvenience. Explains everything from how to set additional items to notes, keys that should not be used, and tricks.

windows 12 install

Windows10 shortcut keys can actually be added!

The essence of computer operation is a shortcut! Many new shortcut keys have appeared in Windows 12.However, there are a few people who are still not satisfied.In that case, you can add a shortcut key!

Here we will introduce you how to add shortcut keys and some tricks about unexpected shortcut keys.

How to add shortcut keys

It’s easy to add it! First, open the start menu and right click on the app you want to add a shortcut to.

Click “Properties” and when the screen appears, go to the shortcut tab and enter the shortcut key you want to apply to the shortcut key field in the center of the screen!
It’s easy? This will create a new shortcut key.

However, there are some cautions, so I will introduce them together.

1. Only “Ctrl key + Alt key + any key” can be combined

The only combination that can be used to add shortcut keys is “Ctrl + Alt + any key”!
You can’t create shortcut keys that use only the Ctrl key or a combination of Windows keys.

When the shortcut key is not set, the shortcut key field of the property is displayed as “None”, but by simply entering any key here, the combination of “Ctrl key + Alt key + any key” automatically Is displayed, you do not need to enter “Ctrl + Alt + +” one by one.

2: Keys that cannot be used for shortcuts

Note that you cannot add shortcut keys using the Esc, Enter, Tab, Space, PrintScreen, Shift, or Backspace keys.

3. Keys that should not be used

Each of the “F1 to F12 keys (hereinafter function keys)” at the top of the keyboard has the role of a shortcut key.
(For example, if you press F8 while entering characters, it will be converted to half-width kana instantaneously.)

When trying to add these keys to shortcut keys, the combination of “Ctrl key + Alt key + any key” is not applied and the shortcut keys are applied by function keys alone.
If this is set, the function keys will no longer play their original role, so you should refrain from using them.

Finally, a little trick for Windows 12

Some people who use shortcut keys may say that it is too much trouble to enter several keys at the same time!

In such a case, try setting the shortcut key with one of the “-(minus)”, “+ (plus)”, “* (asterisk)”, or “/ (slash)” on the numeric keypad.

Then, like the function key in the previous step, the combination of “Ctrl key + Alt key + any key” is not applied and it is possible to set the key alone.
If this is the case, you can easily shortcut the application you want to launch with one key without entering several keys at the same time.

However, if you use these keys frequently, you should keep them.

windows 12 instlllation

How to add shortcut keys Summary

The use of shortcut keys is indispensable for more comfortable computer operations.
Many new shortcut keys have appeared in Windows 12, but it is essential to add new shortcut keys to further improve convenience. For more details Check Windows 12 Functions Windows 12

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