Windows Stop code Fix System Service Exception Windows 10 how to fix

You see Windows Blue Screen of Death. While in this case you may have noticed windows 10 Exception service system . Well, the BSOD question is still on the rise in Windows 10 PCs. This is the most frustrating question that a Windows user might encounter

windows stop code

Microsoft is still trying to solve this quirk and annoyance problem. Now that the BSOD appears it also displays useful information as to why your system crashed?

Each time a BSOD appears, you see a system maintenance exception code on Windows 10 . Most users do not understand that this is the exception window of system services 7/10 tells you. But do not worry when system_service_exception stopping code occurs. Because you are not alone and have not stuck with this error stopping the code forever. The BSOD error is quite easy to fix.

In this article, we will explain;

  • How to fix a stop code exception maintenance system in Windows.
  • Why is this happening, what can you do to fix the System.Exception error.
  • How to stop this from happening again.

What is an Error System Service exception?

Windows 10 The system service exception error occurs due to them causes : graphical user interface errors , corrupted files in the system , as well as issues of the outdated driver as well as cldflt service .

Beyond these reasons, there is a wide range of errors eliminating the potential for system maintenance. Along with this, there are some super simple methods to fix the BSOD Exception service system.

Fix System Service Exception Error On Windows

If you need to quickly fix windows 10 blue screen or need windows error stop code, then you should work through the list below until SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION disappears forever.

1.Windows 10 Update Center

Outdated system files in Win 10 Also a service exception exception error. Therefore, you must first verify that your Windows 10 is fully updated. You can also check if Windows Update is under consideration for this;

2. Driver update system

There is a built-in Driver Updater tool in Windows that automatically updates drivers. So you keep up with the latest version. Sometimes, for Windows 10, it does not use the Driver Updater driver version, which can become the basis for a service system that excludes stopping codes.

So if you want to check whether the driver for Windows is the latest update, head again to Update & Security> Windows Update> View update history . The latest driver updates appear here.

windows stop code update

Now, head to the Start menu and enter Device Manager . Go down the list and check the error symbol will appear on the listed items. If there is nothing, your driver status is most likely not a source of emissions.

If you find a yellow warning symbol, then open the indicated item using the drop-down arrow, then right-click on the driver’s problem causes. Select Update Driver . Select Automatically search for updated drivers to let Windows automate the update process for you.

For greater ease, you can use a third-party Windows Driver Updater tool to update outdated drivers. This is a free driver update update all system drivers on karting. Check out this list of the Best Free Driver Update Software 2018 . The most famous software for updater device drivers is Launcher IObit driver as well as snappy driver installation .


The next step to fix Winows System Maintenance 10 exceptions is to start Windows Disk Check. You can run CHKDSK through the command line. This Windows 10 Tool checks entire system files and fixes any problem if found.

windows stop code

For this; type command prompt in the start search menu bar, then right-click on the best match and select Run as administrator . You can also start the key for Windows + X via the command line, then select the Command line (Administrator)

Next, type chkdsk / g and press Enter. The team will scan your system for errors and fix any issues along the way.

4. Install the official Windows hotfix

The windows are officially built. Program Correction value to deal with system services exception errors. however, this is Windows stopping fix code only those that define a specific SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION question.

To download the Windows head patch to the Microsoft hotfix page and then click on the Download hotfix link to the site is available (showing in blue).

After following the instructions, corrections are sent to your email account. Open an email account and download the hotfix on the system.

Then, automatically extract this file, but we assume to give the correct path, such as C: / fix . This makes it easier to find the unpacked patch file later. Now open the file that is being extracted, right-click and select Run as administrator to complete the process.

5. Reset Windows 10

If these methods do not work and Windows 10 error stops the exception, the system maintenance code is saved. Then there is only one way to reset Windows 10 completely.

Windows 10 Reset replaces all system files, including junk files with a completely new set of files. When all system files are new, then issues related to the SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error will also be resolved.

Reset Windows 10 head Update and security settings>restore , then click on Reset this computer, select Start . Windows 10 will restart as soon as you press the button. But make sure you create a backup folder of important files.

6. Uninstall Third Party Antivirus Remover Software or Recently Installed Programs

If the above or any fix resolves your system maintenance exception error, then you can start by removing any spyware to remove the application. If you installed a free virus removal such as Smadav Antivirus , AVG Antivirus , Avast Antivirus Premiere or Avira Antivirus Pro then remove them.

O you can also remove recently installed programs, uninstalling the program until then, solves the emission SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. Some programs have an unpleasant habit causing a certain system process to crash.These 6 proven methods to fix the SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error. You should not apply these methods all at once but not one, or a combination of these fixes will solve the System Service Exception Error in windows

Error STOP 0xC000021A. How to fix it?

This error is universal and can occur both during the loading of the Windows Xp veteran and during the failures of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

fix windows stop code

About the STOP error 0xC000021A {Fatal system error} and a lot has been written to fix it. But the frequent mention and description of the problem, as you know, does not always positively affect the simplicity and quality of its solution. Need an effective tool and method. Using this opportunity, we describe a simple and effective method for eliminating the STOP error 0xC000021A without a clean installation of Windows. If necessary, there is always the opportunity to order a Windows installation with data transfer and a guarantee in our service.

We will not describe the problem for a long time: the next time we boot on a laptop or computer, we see a blue Windows death screen with obscure text, if you turn off automatic restart when the system crashes, you can see the error itself and its detailed technical description on the screen.

From many sources on the Internet and on forums you can learn a lot about this problem, that it has mysterious parameters, it can be identified using the Dr.Web debugger . Watson – drwatson.exe, drwtsn32.exe or dwwin.exe (Windows Error Reporting depends on the version of Windows, the last one in the list refers to Windows 8) and read the dump, and so on.

Causes of STOP Error 0xC000021A

This error is interpreted by MicroSoft itself as a stop and an unexpected termination of the Windows Logon Process system process .

  • Most often this happens due to the installation of an incompatible application (driver, update), subsequent freezing and forced restart of the computer.
  • The system process can stop (crash) during the boot of the operating system when the system disk is full, it is most often the C: drive.
  • A variant of such a failure could be a sudden shutdown of the computer during trivial tasks — emergency shutdown without a custom ritual: Start-> Shutdown. Moreover, it is especially dangerous to turn off the computer without waiting for the completion of all tasks.
  • Well, and, as an option, viruses. Yes, malware can lead to computer problems.

We offer only a solution that helps, BUT (it must be said not always, this is all Windows :).

Error correction without reinstalling Windows To eliminate the consequences of this failure, you will need any bootable Windows PE disk with support for the CHKDSK utility (Checking a disk called Check Disk). Next, after the next blue screen, we boot using the boot disk into the PE shell. We run the CHKDSK utility with the F parameter (checking for errors and their automatic correction). It looks like “CHKDSK / F” (typed without quotes in the cmd command line interpreter ) or run from a special set of programs that come with PE, a utility for checking the disk with support for eliminating errors on the disk.
After checking, we restart the computer and try to work. This is one of the easiest troubleshooting methods for the STOP 0xC000021A error without reinstalling Windows. Naturally, it does not eliminate the very cause of the occurrence, but often restores the system’s performance, which is a bit more important.

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